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=== Configuration & Build ===

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Feature #417: implement automatic propagation of BornAgain version number into cmakeArchivedganeva

Feature #419: Write deployment script which will automatize the releaseArchivedganeva

Feature #396: Create deb packageArchivedganeva

Feature #393: Create Mac installerArchivedganeva

Feature #794: Create dmg packageResolved

Testing #795: Test dmg packageArchived

Feature #420: Refactor BornAgainCPack by removing generator's setting in separate filesRejected

Feature #425: Write deployment script for WindowsRejected

Feature #431: Build: provide thisbornagain.sh to set system PATHs to the installation directoryArchivedpospelov

Bug #447: Our minimum required cmake version 2.8.0 doesn't contain PARSE_MACROArchivedpospelov

Bug #461: Provide compilation on latest MacOS MaverickArchivedpospelov

Bug #462: Provide compilation on Jülich MacOS serverArchivedpospelov

Bug #463: Provide compilation under Jülich CentOS 5.10Archivedpospelov

Feature #464: Investigate running TeamCity build agent on Windows serverRejected

Bug #466: Our CMake gets confused when there are boost 1.46 and 1.48 present on the systemRejected

Bug #468: Make use of python interpreter to guess libpython locationArchivedpospelov

Feature #310: Finish deb packageResolvedganeva

Feature #493: Set PYTHONPATH under windows at the end of installationArchivedpospelov

Feature #500: Windows installer: check presence of PythonRejected

Feature #543: Review release scriptArchivedganeva

Bug #574: Implement check of FFTW versionRejected

Feature #679: Revise location of auto generated BAVersion and similar filesArchivedpospelov

Feature #736: Compile GUI under Windows with Qt5.3 and provide installer. Archivedpospelov

Feature #778: Windows installer: implement add/remove BornAgain desktop icon Archivedpospelov

Refactoring #782: Segmentation fault with boost 1.56 from boost.orgRejected

Feature #787: Revise build instruction for MacArchivedpospelov

Feature #827: Forbid in-source buildArchivedwuttke

Feature #871: Revise deployment instruction for MacArchivedpospelov

Documentation #394: Write man page(s)Archivedwuttke

Bug #974: rename BORNAGAIN_MANArchivedwuttke

Feature #962: Adjust debian packagingResolvedganeva

Feature #888: Windows: consider include of python27.dll into the installerArchivedpospelov

Feature #887: Windows: provide compilation of BornAgain using MSVC2013Archivedpospelov

Bug #1047: Release script: move MAC dmg package into 'old' directoryArchivedherck

Bug #1048: Update release script for new user manualArchivedherck

Refactoring #1296: update internal information about performance testsArchived

Feature #1349: Buildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: LinuxRejected

Configuration #1350: Buildbot: provide set of configurations for buildbot-based BornAgain's buildsArchivedherck

Feature #1361: == Win build ==Rejected

Feature #542: Windows installer: check existence of BornAgain and uninstall it if existsRejected

Testing #1346: Winbuild: Provide GSL/Cmake based compilation uder MSVC 2015Archivedherck

Testing #1347: Winbuild: Provide compilation of BornAgain in MSVC 2015 Comunity edition (64bits, Python2 and 3)Archivedherck

Configuration #1480: Buildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: WindowsRejected

Configuration #1483: Fix shuwdown of Windows10 build slaveRejectedherck

Configuration #1496: Switch Windows10 buildslave from virtual box to vagrant boxRejectedherck

Bug #1516: Consider include of ms-win-runtime library into Windows installerArchivedherck

Documentation #1517: Add the case with missed msvc2015 runtime library on Windows systems to the troubleshooting sectionArchivedherck

Configuration #1718: Installer: Windows: Provide alternative installer with debug symbolsBacklog

Feature #1362: == Mac build ==Rejected

Feature #892: Provide BornAgain support in MacPortsRejected

Configuration #1255: MacOS: provide vagrant build configurations for MavericksArchivedpospelov

Configuration #1344: MacOS: install buildslave to macminiArchived

Configuration #1348: Buildbot: install agent on scgmini and attach Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan vagrant boxesRejected

Configuration #1481: Buildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: MacOSRejected

Refactoring #1489: Build: refactor fix_apple_bundle for the production of MacOS installerRejected

Configuration #1500: MacOS: provide vagrant test box for El CapitanRejected

Feature #1363: == Unix build ==Rejected

Feature #395: Create rpm packageRejected

Support #852: Make GUI available at JCNS serversRejected

Bug #1070: Unix should install to /usr/local/lib, not to versioned subdirectoryRejected

Configuration #1175: Installer: Linux: Provide official debian packageBacklog

Feature #1256: CMake should notify the user during the build if there is already previous version of BornAgain installed on the systemRejected

Feature #1365: Replace old ./App based performance test machinery with new oneArchivedjmfisher

Envelope task #1402: cmake tasks (OS independent)Archived

Feature #975: man page should be built at release timeResolvedwuttke

Bug #1371: presence of some boost components not checked by cmakeResolvedwuttke

Bug #1403: absence of gsl.h not detected by cmakeResolved

Bug #1439: put PythonAPI under CMake controlResolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1424: reduce verbosity of googletest outputArchivedwuttke

Configuration #1447: Migrate to GitHubArchived

Feature #1475: DOI for BornAgainArchivedwuttke

Configuration #1482: Investigate forced build on buildbot, parameterized by <branch>Rejected

Bug #1509: Version string should be different for executables generated from 'develop', from feature branches, or from 'master'Resolvedherck

Documentation #1519: Linking failure of Ubuntu with Python installed via Anaconda bundleRejected

Configuration #1615: Code organisation: in each third-party source directory, provide information about used download location, download date, and downloaded versionRejected

Configuration #1665: Take swig-generated Python wrappers out of git repositoryRejected

Feature #1686: == Release procedures and pre-release actions ==Rejected

Feature #606: Restore automatic doxygen API generationRejected

Configuration #1150: Improve release script procedureRejected

Bug #1448: Remove html directory from source tarballRejected

Configuration #1501: version tag must start with 'v' (change release script or instructions)Archivedherck

Configuration #1502: rebase all branches after release (change release script or instructions)Rejected

Feature #1238: nicer layout for newsletter@bornagainproject.org (reopened: v1.6.0 round mail still had black bars)Archived

Documentation #1261: Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming release 1.5Archived

Bug #1302: Script updates following API changeArchivedherck

Documentation #1351: Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming releaseArchivedpospelov

Documentation #1437: Release requirement: Update example scriptsRejected

Configuration #1640: Doxygen generation on apps server not compatible anymore with links to APIRejected

Feature #1684: nicer layout for newsletter@bornagainproject.orgResolvedherck


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