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=== PythonAPI ===

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There are several problems to address

  • Provide argument list in functions and constructors with readable helper in Python session
  • Decrease amount of methods exposed to Python
  • Check Python3 compatibility
  • Define policy with C++ / Python object ownership (const *, const &, *) and modify accordingly codegenerator.py
  • Get rid from warnings 'overloaded virtual is hidden' during PythonAPI compilation
  • Get rid from warnings 'deprecated NUMPY'
  • Increase usability of OutputData in Python (partly done, still no iterators)
  • Toward polarization in Python: provide export/import of Eigen matrix in Python or create some wrapper class


Feature #333: PythonAPI: provide convertion of eigen matrix to numpy arrayRejected

Feature #55: PythonAPI: implement python unit tests infrastructureRejected

Feature #335: Check Python 3 compatibilityArchived

Feature #450: Provide python function to retrieve polarized output dataArchivedherck

Documentation #489: Python docstringsArchivedpospelov

Feature #515: Expose to python masking of intensity data to make fit along cutsRejected

Feature #523: Expose to python MSG::SetLevelArchivedpospelov

Bug #567: Restore PythonAPI generation under MaverickArchivedpospelov

Bug #900: Custom form factors in python do not work with multithreadingRejected

Feature #1245: Investigate alternative Python API generation (for c++11)Archivedjmfisher

Refactoring #1285: Investigate status of Py++Resolved

Refactoring #1286: don't include each core .h file in each .pypp.cpp fileRejected

Bug #1299: gccxml does not compile under gcc5; codegenaror.py does not work under gcc4.9Rejected


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