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This is a master issue for all usage examples to be placed in Examples section.
These examples should clearly demonstrate how to use BornAgain from Python (C++) for variety of tasks, from simple to advanced. Creation of such examples can be considered as Example Driven Development, since it will give us ideas, how to modify our user API to make it as friendly as possible. Accordingly, this master issue could contain different refactoring issues affecting this API.


Documentation #426: Examples: prepare C++ standalone example in Examples sectionArchivedganeva

Feature #430: Examples: prepare example with core shell nanoparticlesArchivedganeva

Documentation #432: Examples: prepare example with correlated roughness interfaceArchivedganeva

Feature #438: Adjust existing python examples to conform PEP8 styleArchivedpospelov

Documentation #448: Examples: prepare FitCylindersAndPrism_detailed exampleArchivedpospelov

Feature #544: Provide example with user's form factor extension from pythonArchived

Documentation #565: Provide simulation and fit examples for spheres with size distributionArchivedpospelov

Documentation #566: Provide ripple2 exampleArchivedganeva

Feature #866: Revise list of python examples going into release 1.0.0Archivedpospelov

Documentation #893: Check feasibility of custom form factor example in PythonArchivedherck

Documentation #867: Update User Manual with examples description corresponding to release-1.0.0 listArchivedceline

Feature #908: Create 3 user examples demonstrating DA, LMA and SCCA differenceArchivedherck

Feature #737: Provide example demonstrating Monte-Carlo integration for big particlesArchivedpospelov

Feature #912: Create example of hexagonal lattice with basisArchivedceline


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