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Documentation #848: Create BornAgain documentation prototype using SphinxArchivedpospelov

Documentation #862: Investigate integration of Sphinx documentation into DrupalRejected

Documentation #863: Install Drupal on application serverRejected

Documentation #864: Provide Drupal site with minimum set of pagesArchivedpospelov

Documentation #865: Switch bornagainproject.org to new websiteArchivedherck

Documentation #901: Fill in Sphinx functionality overview sectionArchivedceline

Documentation #945: Drupal: add prototype of new content to represent PythonAPI itemsRejected

Feature #972: Setup and describe GUI-version as the default program, add Qt5 dependences to online installation instructions, and use the distributions' native Qt5Archivedpospelov

Documentation #980: Replace section header "Experimental Setup" in form factors overview web pageResolvedwuttke

Documentation #427: User Examples campaignRejected

Documentation #426: Examples: prepare C++ standalone example in Examples sectionArchivedganeva

Feature #430: Examples: prepare example with core shell nanoparticlesArchivedganeva

Documentation #432: Examples: prepare example with correlated roughness interfaceArchivedganeva

Feature #438: Adjust existing python examples to conform PEP8 styleArchivedpospelov

Documentation #448: Examples: prepare FitCylindersAndPrism_detailed exampleArchivedpospelov

Feature #544: Provide example with user's form factor extension from pythonArchived

Documentation #565: Provide simulation and fit examples for spheres with size distributionArchivedpospelov

Documentation #566: Provide ripple2 exampleArchivedganeva

Feature #866: Revise list of python examples going into release 1.0.0Archivedpospelov

Documentation #893: Check feasibility of custom form factor example in PythonArchivedherck

Documentation #867: Update User Manual with examples description corresponding to release-1.0.0 listArchivedceline

Feature #908: Create 3 user examples demonstrating DA, LMA and SCCA differenceArchivedherck

Feature #737: Provide example demonstrating Monte-Carlo integration for big particlesArchivedpospelov

Feature #912: Create example of hexagonal lattice with basisArchivedceline

Documentation #422: Write page with BornAgain / IsGISAXS comparisonRejected

Documentation #433: Write paragraph with performance comparison IsGISAXS vs FitGISAXS vs BornAgainRejected

Feature #926: Provide evanescent wave python exampleRejected

Refactoring #1071: Example scripts: No global import from Python module bornagainResolvedwuttke

Documentation #1100: Create fitting tutorial for drupal siteArchivedganeva

Documentation #1098: Add Python examples Interference2DLatticeSumOfRotated and TriangularRipple to DrupalRejected

Documentation #1104: don't use version-dependent URLs in the online docsRejected

Documentation #1132: Drupal: describe particle positioningArchivedpospelov

Documentation #1133: Drupal: describe particle rotationArchivedpospelov

Documentation #1134: Drupal: describe complex shapes via particle compositionArchivedpospelov

Documentation #1137: Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming release 1.3Archivedpospelov

Documentation #1183: Drupal: provide labels (NEW, UPDATED) for book pagesRejected

Feature #1263: Drupal: provide bornagainproject.org site backupRejected

Documentation #1282: Drupal: unique form of persistent page URLsRejectedherck

Documentation #1360: reequilibrate hierarchy levels in online docsResolvedpospelov

Documentation #1412: avoid horizontal scrolling in code examplesArchivedwuttke

Bug #971: Drupal: horizontal scrollbar hides underscore character in long linesResolved

Bug #1436: repair ex06_Miscellaneous/AccessingSimulationResults.py: type object 'IHistogram' has no attribute 'AVERAGE'Archivedpospelov

Documentation #1451: update to Drupal 8Rejected

Refactoring #1454: Export to Python: generated scripts should not require "from bornagain import *"Resolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1456: Automatize update of Py ExamplesRejected

Documentation #1522: Create python example with polarized neutrons and magnetic materialsResolvedherck

Configuration #1536: prevent Drupal from sending HTML mails with black horizontal header bar, without left margin, and in grey fontResolvedherck

Documentation #1590: Update to drupal 8Rejectedherck

Testing #1609: Clarify relation between PyPersistence tests and tutorial examplesResolvedpospelov

Documentation #1644: "User Login" block on homepage should explain _why_ to create accountRejected

Documentation #1654: Update "Working with Python scripts" to new style "import bornagain as ba"Resolved

Refactoring #1720: Vacuum() instead of HomogeneousMaterial("Air", 0.0, 0.0)Rejected

Documentation #1742: Website should provide link to GitHub issue tracker. Close forum Ā»Bug reportsĀ«?Rejected


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with the web site quite stable, this is now mostly about examples

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