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Provide BornAgain support in MacPorts

Added by pospelov about 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:11 Nov 2014
Priority:NormalDue date:
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To be decided.

It seems that adding BornAgain in macport is an easy task. Below please find the port file which provides this functionality.
It has to be uploaded to macport svn server.
The question still to decide, what is the structure of BornAgain package (location of GUI executable, libraries and include directories in /opt/local). It has to be considered in connection with our BornAgain.app native MacOS package structure.

Port file

PortSystem          1.0
PortGroup           cmake 1.0

name                BornAgain
version             0.9.9
categories          science
maintainers         Scientific Computing Group at MLZ
license             LGPL-3

description         Simulation and fit small angle grazing incidence scattering
long_description    Simulation and fit small angle grazing incidence scattering
homepage            http://www.bornagainproject.org
platforms           darwin
extract.suffix      .tar.gz
master_sites        http://apps.jcns.fz-juelich.de/src/BornAgain/

checksums           rmd160  54ec482a75733b008d4034f6d1ed3e00806dd295 \
                    sha256  2c14ff50a19a28ab26feba574e6f35510f156e0339889716923a07aabf0223c2

worksrcdir          BornAgain-${version}

configure.dir       ${workpath}/build
build.dir           ${configure.dir}

post-extract {
    file mkdir ${configure.dir}

configure.post_args ${worksrcpath}

depends_lib         port:fftw-3 \
                    port:gsl \
                    port:py27-matplotlib \
                    port:py27-numpy \
                    port:py27-scipy \
            port:boost \

configure.args-append -DBORNAGAIN_GUI=OFF \
              -DBORNAGAIN_APP=OFF \


variant gui description {Add Graphical User Interface} {
    depends_lib-append port:qt5-mac
    configure.args-replace \


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Rejected, see #1823

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