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Priority:HighDue date:01 Apr 2016
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Collection of issues related to the GUI


Refactoring #960: GUI: refactor SampleDesigner to use UniversalPropertyEditorArchivedpospelov

Feature #959: GUI: implement saving of RealTimeView content in JobModelArchivedpospelov

Feature #943: Implement beam divergence in GUIArchivedpospelov

Feature #941: GUI: implement detector resolution functionArchivedpospelov

Feature #938: Provide in GUI creation of new project from the templateRejected

Feature #937: Revise content and behaviour of GUI's widgetbox for standard samplesArchivedpospelov

Feature #924: GUI: update list of saved projectsArchivedpospelov

Feature #895: GUI: implement Python script viewer in SampleViewArchivedpospelov

Feature #834: Integrate python script generation in GUIArchivedherck

Feature #758: Provide recording of stack trace in crashing GUI applicationRejected

Feature #807: Implement platform independent stack trace retrievalRejected

Feature #805: Implement simple crash handler widget to report bugsArchived

Feature #806: Implement crash handler manager to launch external executable in platform independent wayRejected

Feature #808: Compile google breakpad for Win/Mac/Linux and include it in the projectRejected

Feature #809: Make crash handler manager generate cor dump files using google breakpadRejected

Feature #899: GUI: create "install libBornAgainCore in Python" widgetRejected

Feature #979: Add standard GNU options -v --version to command bornagainArchivedpospelov

Feature #973: GUI invocation: 'BornAgain' -> 'bornagain' (Unix commands must be all lowercase)Archivedpospelov

Feature #977: Implement GUI version of LatticeBasisArchivedherck

Feature #1051: Implement warning sign widget in real time viewArchivedpospelov

Feature #1004: GUI: revise tooltips in all GUI elementsRejected

Feature #996: GUI: implement export to Python in the case of beam divergenceArchivedherck

Refactoring #995: New GUI buttons are badly visible under MacOSRejected

Bug #1078: Adjust size of projections from IntensityData widget to the size of ColorMap plotRejected

Bug #1084: MultiLayer samples with roughness (and without particles) report wrong progress to the GUI's progress barArchivedpospelov

Bug #1113: GUI: python script view is not updating while selecting different multilayersRejected

Feature #1126: GUI: improve performance of IntensityDataWidget while dragging colorbarRejected

Feature #1138: GUI: provide uniform style for double numbers in GUI-generated Python scriptArchivedpospelov

Feature #1180: GUI: refactor material editor to make select/cancel behavior less confusingArchivedpospelov

Feature #1185: GUI: implement Q-space detector in GUIRejected

Feature #1213: Implement choice of detector in GUIArchivedpospelov

Feature #1257: GUI: provide import into GUI model from python scriptResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1258: GUI: move XML related methods outside of the SessionModelArchiveddavid

Bug #1274: GUI: rotated ellipse in MaskEditor is wrongly propagated to domainArchivedherck

Feature #1281: GUI: provide widget for fit parameters settings Archiveddavid

Feature #1305: GUI: Make real time simulation aware of current zoom level to speed up the performanceRejected

Feature #1308: GUI: take care about margins in ColorMapPlotRejected

Feature #1342: GUI: add Monte-Carlo integration option in the simulationArchivedpospelov

Bug #1343: GUI: online update notifier is not workingArchivedpospelov

Refactoring #1352: GUI: refactor SessionModel and ParameterizedItemArchiveddavid

Refactoring #1353: GUI: refactor AwesomePropertyEditor to rely on new GUI modelArchivedpospelov

Bug #1370: Fix numerous "features" introduced by latest major GUI refactoringArchivedpospelov

Feature #1387: GUI: finalize FitWidgetArchiveddavid

Feature #1388: GUI: refactor RealTimeActivityArchived

Feature #1408: GUI: refactor/beautify/finalize FitWidgetArchivedpospelov

Refactoring #1484: GUI: refactor InstrumentItem and DetectorItemResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1485: GUI: refactor InstrumentViewResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1486: GUI: refactor SampleViewResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1487: GUI: introduce ROI (region of interest) in MaskEditorArchivedpospelov

Refactoring #1488: GUI: provide integration of ImportDataView and InstrumentViewArchivedpospelov

Refactoring #1490: GUI: refactor JobView and IntensityData widgetsResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1491: GUI: improve GUI fitting performanceRejected

Refactoring #1492: GUI: Unify WarningSignWidget usage across the whole projectResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1493: GUI: Implement tranform from domain for fitting objectsBacklog

Refactoring #1494: GUI: Implement export of fitting setup to python script.Backlog

Refactoring #1495: GUI: extend GUISuite functional test machinery with standard fitsBacklog

Feature #1503: GUI: provide intuitive way to insert layer into multilayerRejected

Feature #1504: GUI: support standard control keysBacklog

Feature #1505: GUI: move windows menu from right-click-popup to topbar "Windows" pulldownRejected

Feature #1506: GUI Sample Tree View: cut / paste or move to be added to right-click popup menuBacklog

Feature #1508: GUI JobView: reconsider location of activity view switchRejected

Bug #1515: GUI: error in determination of size of imported tiff file causes crash of fittingRejectedherck

Bug #1520: GUI: global progress bar seems to be not updatingArchived

Feature #1521: GUI: find the way for update notifier to not to rely on CHANGELOGRejected

Refactoring #1535: rm intermediate directory 'coregui'Rejected

Bug #1603: GUI: Cancel job is not working anymore after the refactoring of ProgressHandler, GUI real-time performance is heavily affected tooArchivedwuttke

Feature #1611: Specular peak: add option in GUI for calculating the specular peakRejected

Feature #1618: Implement rotation of imported data in ImportData viewResolveddmitry

Refactoring #1623: Parameter name translation (GUI -> domain)Resolvedpospelov

Bug #1632: GUI: delete button doesn't work on MacBook for masks on ImportDataViewResolved

Bug #1637: GUI: just loaded fitting project appears as already changedRejected

Bug #1639: GUI: crash if fitting parameter removedResolvedherck

Feature #1683: GUI: provide persistence of plot settings (interpolation, color scale, ...)Resolvedpospelov

Feature #1694: GUI: Provide a way to save fitted image into the file.Rejected

Feature #1695: GUI: Implement crash handler, and restoration of state before crashRejected

Feature #1696: GUI: Improve drag-and-drop construction of a MultiLayer.Resolvedherck

Feature #1698: GUI: save/load detector maskBacklog

Feature #1703: GUI: provide convenient way to set min,max for relative difference map.Rejected


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