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=== Theory & Manual ===

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Collection of issues related to theory and offline documentation


Feature #386: Add extra functionality for neutron polarizationRejected

Feature #367: Provide treatment of detector resolution for polarized neutronsResolvedherck

Feature #411: Provide help functions for analysis of polarized OutputData structuresResolvedherck

Feature #368: Provide correct normalization of polarized neutron intensityResolvedherck

Feature #392: Use scalar reflection/transmission coefficients in absence of magnetization in layers (also when the particles might be magnetized)Resolvedherck

Feature #399: Provide diffuse calculation for polarized mesocrystalsResolvedherck

Feature #300: Investigate alternatives to Monte-Carlo computation of non-analytic form factorsLong Term Idea

Documentation #976: Derive scalar and polarized wave equation for both X-rays and neutrons, and choose appropriate notation.Resolvedwuttke

Documentation #387: Provide correct calculation of detected intensity for polarizationBacklog

Documentation #983: Integrate SpecularReflectivity note into the User Manual.New

Feature #726: Provide numerically stable calculation of R,T coefficients for magnetic caseSprintrbeerwerth

Documentation #982: Choose better name for "User Manual"Rejected

Documentation #984: Restructure chapter 3 and appendices A,BResolvedwuttke

Documentation #986: Add (uncomment) short references to form factor pagesResolved

Documentation #987: Tidy up the gisas/theory directoryRejected

Documentation #985: Explain convolution sign (\otimes) in User ManualRejected

Documentation #1014: Manual: describe simulation with distributed parametersBacklog

Documentation #1031: Coordinate system and transformationsRejected

Documentation #1102: review normalization, especially in view of finite sample extension, finite beam width, and small glancing anglesBacklog

Documentation #330: Take care of kz=0 case appropriatelyBacklog

Documentation #1131: Create tutorial explaining interference function parameterizationResolvedpospelov

Documentation #1135: Manual: describe core shell particlesResolved

Documentation #1141: Manual: describe multi layersBacklog

Bug #1293: bold math symbols broken under Texlive2015Resolvedwuttke

Documentation #1431: simplify cross-referencing using package cleverefResolvedwuttke

Documentation #1638: Manual: Improve / restore side bar navigationRejected

Documentation #1710: Manual: explain particle densityBacklog

Documentation #1719: Manual: avoid the word "matrix" for embedding, ambient bulk materialRejected


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