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man page should be built at release time

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Right now, the man page bornagain.1 is built as part of the normal release process, provided the flag BORNAGAIN_MANPAGE is set ON, and the program pod2man is available. There are two problems with this:
- Unless the user explicitly sets BORNAGAIN_MANPAGE=ON, nothing will happen.
- Presence of pod2man is not checked by cmake.

Instead, we should build the man page at release time; distribute it (in standard troff format) with the source archive; and let the user command 'make install' install the man page to its standard location.

Hence TODO:
- modify cmake release actions to include "compilation" of bornagain.pod into bornagain.1
- modify cmake default actions to let 'make install' install bornagain.1 to the standard location man/man1.


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Implemented in branch cmake, commit e33ded6da34, except for testing presence of pod2man.

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Resolved in 8f51e90.

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