Refactoring #297

Updated by pospelov almost 6 years ago

* refactor DesignerScene to have not so messy access to DesignerWidgetFactory, SampleBuilderFactory and SampleViewAligner
* create view of interference function 2D para
* provide drag and drop for whole isgisaxs04 2DDL example
* avoid data duplication in pairs ISample <--> ISampleView (Layer, MultiLayer, Interference function)
* automatically load MaterialEditor with materials from isgisaxs standard library samples
* make defence against moving QGraphicsItem outside graphical scene
* make defence against deleting item on which PropertyEditor still looking at
* provide special StandardSample for testing GUI (with many layer and decorators)
* provide defence against negative values in PropertyBrowser
* provide selection of several items with mouse and rectangular area
* refactor Layer, MultiLayer and LayerMultiplier(?) to make clear distinguish who make what
* provide widgetbox with tooltips loaded from xml file
* elaborate sample naming schema and possibility to edit several samples at one time