Bug #1077

Updated by pospelov over 5 years ago

*comment from Marvin Berlinghof*

Let's say you did a simulation and the autoscale of the colorscale is: Min=1, Max=44 (these are random numbers as an example). Then you want to change this to: Min=0.00, Max=0.08 the resulting color scale goes from 1E-3 to 0.08.
Afterwards if you change Min to 0.01 and than to 0.00 again, the resulting colorscale is 1E-4 ... 0.08.
This means the exact min value of the colorscale is dependent on the Max value.

My problem was: I did some simulations then I saved the project and closed bornagain. After reopening and resetting the colorscales, every simulation looked different than before. This was very confusing and the reason was the behavior I described above. Wouldn't it make sense to save the colorscale in the job-files?

I would also appreciate, if I could enter more than 2 decimal places for the color scales. Because my simulations look much better when Min is 1E-4 and not 1E-3.
I also would like to enter 3 digits for the inclination angle. The difference in the simulation might be small, but in my experiment I try to adjust with this precision. (not very important)