Bug #1066

Updated by pospelov over 5 years ago

After trying to load the attached model there is an error in the instrument parameters that breaks the load process.
The model seems to be loaded fine but when answering OK to the error message the model is gone.

Removing the jobs from the model makes it loadable again.

This was the error message:
Failed to load the project '{Folder}/VR8_2_0.pro'
Exception was thrown with the error message 'ConstKBinAxis::ConstKBinAxis() -> Error. start >= end is not allowed.'

The behavior might be changed to ignore errors when loading a model and replace unvalid parameters with there default.

BornAgain version 1.1.0, compiled on Kubuntu 14.10

* Take care also ProjectDocument::loadOutputData() which has to warn user in the case of unsuccessful load