Testing #1122

Updated by pospelov over 5 years ago

The task is to write a number of functional tests which will validate our transformation & positioning machinery.
One possibility is to create python functional tests which will compare scattering image from simple shapes with the one obtained from composed shapes representing same geometry.
> The disadvantage, is that in principle one have to run such test in three domains (PyGen, GUI and Core)
> This can be done using existing machinery, but it will require creation of a number of reference files
> As alternative, new type of functional test, where two different sample builders are tested against each other, should be created

* Testing simple rotations
** Rotate symmetric particles (box, pyramids) around one axis on certain angle, so the geometry stays the same

* Testing Euler rotation
** ?

* Testing particle composition
** Two half-spheres, one is rotated by 180 degrees, made of same material. Comparing with full sphere.
** Two boxes made of same material (rotated or not) to compare with one big box.
** Validating custom "cross" form factor against "cross" shape made via particle composition.

* Rotation of ParticleDistribution
** ?

* Core shell particles
** two spheres of same material (one inside the other) against full sphere
** Two boxes, placed one inside the other, whole thing is rotated, against one big box

* Testing rotation within 2D lattice and 2D paracrystal.
** Composed particle in a lattice against a single particle

* Testing positioning
** ?