Bug #1370

Updated by pospelov about 4 years ago

This is a list of all known flaws introduced by our latest extraordinary GUI refactoring.


* Wavelength and inclination angles are not updated properly on startup

*Sample Designer*

* -Swapping of layers leads to wrong colors-
* -Color of layers is not restored after loading from project file-
* -User User created multi-layers can't be converted to domain- domain
* -Connection is only possible to default tags-
* -GUIObject builder crashes on Interference*, CoreShell because tags are not supported yet-
* -Material editor is broken-
* FixedGrouProperty (RefractiveIndex, VectorItem) labels update is broken
* ParticleDistributionItem DistributedParticleItem is broken
> Translation of ParameterTree doesn't account for the fact, that there is an additional level because of GroupItem

* ComponentEditor is broken again
> Because of new proxymodel

*Real Time Activity*

* Filter on double values doesn't work [?]


* Bad behaviour on changing axes type