Feature #1387

Updated by pospelov about 4 years ago

* FitParameters widget (right part): replace text editor on the right with something more fancy
** For fitParameter provide (name) like "par0", (min, max) values and (enabled/disabled) flag.
** For fitParameter provide a place were one can see to which itemParameters he is looking at
** provide possibility to remove fitParameter
** provide possibility to remove itemParameter
> Widget can be done either as before (QTreeView), or as dedicated widget where QComboBox, QTextEdit will be used for fitParameters (then you can use your trick with QModelMapper).

* FitParameters widget (left tree): provide interaction between left and right.
** It should be possible to add itemParameter to certain fitParameter. If dragAndDrop is too complicated, may be via context menu will be easier.

* FitParameters widget (left tree): find a way to exclude "Form Factor" from the tree (to discuss).
> i.e. to get /Particle0/Cylinder/Radius
> The main goal is to have in all views (SampleDesigner/ComponentEditor, RealTimeActivity, FirParameters) more or less the same layout. Excluding extra "FormFactor" level is important, because it makes GUI closer to the domain layout (and so less confusing for GUI->Python script migration).

This task is closely related to the ParticleDistributionItem and parameterTranslation. Currently it is broken because of extra level in GroupProperty.

* FitParameter widget (left tree): some items do not show up in the tree
** Check Transformation
** Check Position Offset

* ImportData
* provide a button "Generate data from current instrument/sample settings"

* RunFit
* Attempt to close BornAgain while fit is running should lead to warning "Cancel fit yes/no"
* It seems that in 3 ColorMap plots - RealData, SimulationData, RelativeDifference - the very left plot is not relativeDifference.