Feature #1408

Updated by pospelov over 4 years ago

For the moment, underlying functionality (model side) is implemented by David. Fitting views are in prototyping state. This item specifies what still has to be done to include fitting in the release. There will be lots of accompanying refactoring on the way.

* create selector widget for an experimental data
> modify MaskEditor to be able to specify region_of_interest
> take care of GUI->Python script generation in the case of masked rectangular detector
> create icon
> 2 days

* -refactor refactor JobView and introduce new type of activity: Fit Activity- Activity
> -this this will require new docks: fit parameters dock, fit progress dock- dock
> -2 days- 2 days

* -create create FitParametersSetting widget- widget
> -Implement Implement all logic to create fit parameters out of real time parameters- parameters
> -4 days- 4 days

* create minimizer settings widget
> 1 day

* create RunFit widget
> 1 day

* create FitLog widget
> 1 day

* create FitPresenter widget
> real data, simulated data and chi2
> 3 days

* Implement transform to/from Core/GUI/Python domains for all fit machinery
> 4 days

* Implement Core/GUI/Python functional test for fitting
> 2 days