Refactoring #1428

Updated by wuttke about 4 years ago

Each parameter should have -a default value and- a -unit- physical dimension, unit, assigned upon registration.

This will allow the following simplifications:
* In PyGenVisitor::defineFormFactors, no more need handle each form factor separately and to dispatch parameter by parameter to printNm or printDegrees; instead we can just loop over parameters.
* -In GUIObjectBuilder::visit just call generic default method, as we are already doing in SamplePrintVisitor::print_default.-
* -In FormFactorItems, move the 'addProperty' statements from the {FF}Item constructors to a loop in the parent FormFactorItem constructor.-
* -In FormFactorItems, somehow get createFormFactor() done once for all form factors.-

As for the GUI, see in a next step.