Configuration #1350

Updated by herck almost 4 years ago

We have to agree on minimal set of builds for BornAgain and setup them.

Possible collection
* Two One latest long term Ubuntu LTS releases (Xenial and Trusty)
* One Archlinux distro (Python 3; rolling release) latest long term OpenSuse
* One latest long term CentOS LTS (CentOS 7)
* One 32-bits build (debian)
* One Debian package maker, one Debian package validator
* One vagrant/Maverick dmg maker, one Vagrant/Yosemite validator

Automatic Windows will come up probably next sprint.

Possible complications
* Python2 build, Python 3 build
> Doesn it mean we have to multiply number of configuration by factor 2?

We also have to setup notification, links on redmine, etc