Bug #1515

Updated by ganeva over 4 years ago

How to reproduce:
1. Start BornAgain (1.6.1, hotfix)
2. Instrument-> Set nbins=1043 (phi) and nbins=981 (alpha)
3. Sample -> take some predefined sample (Cylinders and prisms, for example)
4. Import -> load some GALAXI tiff file
5. Simulation -> set sample and real data
6. Click 'run simulation' => the error message (see screenshot) will appear
7. Instrument -> Set nbins=981 (phi) and nbins=981 (alpha)
8. Simulation -> Run Simulation
9. Jobs -> Change to 'Fitting activity' in the bottom right corner

BornAgain will crash with the message:


Application Specific Information:
abort() called
terminating with uncaught exception of type Exceptions::RuntimeErrorException: IntensityDataFunctions::createRelativeDifferenceData() -> Error. Different dimensions of data and reference.