Documentation #1014

Updated by pospelov about 4 years ago

* We need a chapter which explains in details how to run the simulation with distributed parameters from PythonAPI and GUI
** where beam divergence is one possible application
** particles with size distribution is another

* it has to cover following classes and methods
** DistributionGate, DistributionLorentz, DistributionGaussian, DistributionLogNormal, DistributionCosine
** ParameterDistribution, Simulation::addParameterDistribution
* explains things like nbr_samples, sigma_factor, AttLimits
* should contains nice graph showing distribution and their sampling

* It has to be on Drupal in the form of tutorials in two places:
** /documentation/usage/scripting and then "Simulation with distributed parameters"
** /documentation/usage/detailed GUI usage

* Also take care about InterfereceFunction2DSummOfRotated
** it is usefull example, but somehow it is confusing, that for simple rotation sum we use artillery ba.DistributionGate instead of numpy.linspace