Refactoring #1466

Updated by pospelov almost 4 years ago

Presentation of minimizer settings in GUI widgets requires different tree structure in (Minimizer Library, Minimizer algorithms and their settings), than it is currently done in Core/Fit.
From the other hand, it seems that there is no reason to have too different logic in GUI and Core.

* Currently, within #1408, I'm creating MinimizerItem family basing on the usability issues, so the various widgets with minimizer properties look logical and consistent.
* Also I will provide a translation, so the GUI could produce domain minimizers, as they are now.

* Within this item, the core minimizers should be reorganized, for better match the GUI.
** Refactor core to have different splitting on minimizer Libraries/algorithms.
** Refactor core to have different splitting on options/default options.
** Common, for GUI and Core, Minimizer Catalog.
** Refactor GUI translation to the new Core desing: MinimizerItem's should produce one-to-one domain minimizers.

* Return back TestMinimizer (request of Dominique Dresen)