Feature #1521

Updated by pospelov about 4 years ago

Our GUI's update notifier works as following:

* on every GUI start, if the user has "online update notification" allowed, the Notifier goes to internet and downloads our CHANGELOG
* then he read top line of the file

BornAgain-1.6.1, released 2016.07.15

* parses version number, and compares current GUI's version with version number in the CHANGELOG
* if names are different, a simple http-label containing whole line "BornAgain-1.6.1, released 2016.07.15" label is shown on WelcomeView

The disadvantages is that every time 50k CHANGELOG gets downloaded. It might become a problem with the rise of a number of GUI's running around the world, and size of CHANGELOG. Also if somebody change CHANGELOG top line format, update notifier will stop working.

Within this item
* study alternatives
** consider somewhat lighter VERSION file located in same directory