Refactoring #1490

Updated by pospelov about 3 years ago

* -get get rid of ColorMapPlot- ColorMapPlot
* create new widget for projections
** -take take care of auto margins in QCustomPlot- QCustomPlot
* equip ColorMapCanvas with uniform right-mouse-button context menu
** introduce same context menu in ImportDataView, FitComparisonWidget for uniformity
* -Split Split presentation of intensity data on 3 types: ColorMap, Projection, FitData- FitData
* -take take care that hidden presentation types do no receive signals and so do not degrade performance (!)- (!)
** -this this can be probably done centrally on the level of SessionItemWidget- SessionItemWidget

* *almost bug* ColorMapPlot should be functional if it's IntensityDataItem suddenly has OutputData<double> pointer to be zero.
** Think of removal IntensityDataItem::getOutputData, ColorMapPlot shouldn't be aware of OutputData<double> and should work only with IntensityDataItem
** Make IntensityDataItem generating correct (size of axes and zero amplitudes) OutputData in the case of failed Job
** Think of switching of IntensityDataItem to Histogram2D instead of OutputData<double>

* Change AmplitudeAxisItem's min and max to rely on ScientificDouble
* Take care of ColorMap's status string, which should give scientific notation in amplitudes