Feature #1878

Updated by pospelov almost 3 years ago

Provide replacement of Component Editor for SampleView and similar.
* To make whole application more QAbstractItemModel like
* To remove qtpropertybrowser framework (20k loc)
* To get rid from ugly layer because of ComponentEditor (2k loc)
* To potentially simplify real time tuning widget (no LinkedItem)
* To switch SessionItem editors without affecting back compatibility (ScientificDoubleProperty problem)
> and many little features, like setting number of digits on the fly

h4. Steps

* Prove that QTreeView working on SessionModel can be styled exactly as QTreeView from qtpropertybrowser framework
> propertybrowser framework looks fancy and it would be pity to loose this look and feel
* Find solution to exclude extra level introduced by GroupProperty
** Get rid from GroupProperty?
** Special QAbstractProxyModel?
** Special SessionModel-like wrapper?
** Temporary model generated explicitly for editor's purposes?
* Replace component editor everywhere except InstrumentView
* Introduce SessionItem editor role
* Provide possibility to switch between scientific/normal double editing on the fly
Remove SceintificDoubleProperty
* Replace ColorProperty and MaterialProperty with universal EditorProperty

h4. Further actions

* Develop "flat" version of ComponentEditor intended for InstrumentView and similar.
> QModelMapper can be our friend here
* Remove qtpropertybrowser framework from dependencies.