Feature #2073

Updated by pospelov about 2 years ago

The main goal for Sprint 38 is to make a release-1.13.0 on July, 24.
It will contain following issues:

h5. Make consistent fitting interface

* #2038 Refactor Minimizer interface
* #2078 Switch FitSuite to the new minimizer kernel
* #2079 Introduce SimulationBuilder and refactor FitSuite accordingly
* #2102 #2101 GUI: implement prototype of fitting in GUI using simulation builder
* #2039 Switch all Python fitting examples from FitSuite to the new Minimizer
* #2040 Website: update all fitting tutorials to the new fitting mechanism.

h5. Implement specular fitting in GUI

* #2051 Provide loading and using from GUI 1D real data

h5. Finalize off-specular fitting in GUI

* #1972 GUI: provide beam divergence for OffSpec instrument

h5. Finalize 3D view in BornAgain

* #2070 3D view: modify default particle density of GUI examples to look reasonable in 3D view
* #2071 3D view: profile 3D view for performance when number of particles is large
* #2082 3D view: implement 1D interference function
* #2079 3D view: create PrototypeController to speed up 3D view when number of particles is large
* #2085 3D view: move time consuming operations in a thread
* #2083 3D view: provide selective view update
* #2084 3D view: implement mesocrystal

h5. Implement depth probe simulation in GUI

* To be defined

h5. Provide draft of BornAgain paper

* To be defined

h5. BornAgain and Scatter

* #2041 Investigate necessary steps for integration of Scatter software in BornAgain
* #2080 Refactor computation machinery

h5. Bugs, support, usability fixes

* #2075 Fix interference function tutorials in the part of the "decay length"
* #2076 Beam distribution editors are not updating on parameter change
* #1019 Extend GUI ParticleDistribution with linked parameters
* #2086 GUI: introduce extended distribution editor for ParticleDistributionItem
* #2077 Provide ParticleDistribution tutorial
* #2081 Update documentation related to reflectometry and depth probe
* #2091 Memory leak in ColorMap
* #2092 GUI: Top level thickness error