Feature #2195

Updated by dmitry about 2 years ago

Import assistant functionality should be revised:

1. There are to items in the context menu - "Use single column as intensity bins"
and "Set as intensity". One of them blocks the choice of coordinate type, the other
doesn't. Probably, only the latter should stay. If no coordinates were chosen,
bins should be reported as the coordinate type.

2. User should be able to choose appropriate coordinate units
after setting coordinate type. They are radians or degrees for
incident angle and double incident angle. For Q they should be
inverse angstroms and inverse nanometers.
BornAgain can handle incident angle (in degrees or radians) and
q values (in inverse nanometers) now. I suggest casting coordinate
type from input values to one of the aforementioned types in the
import assistant.

3. -3. I would suggest allowing the user the last row to load.
It can be reasonable for large files with mixed data. Apart from that,
there is no other mechanism for now, which would allow to select only
part of data, if user is interested in something particular (in the case
of GISAS it is so called region of interest, but it is not implemented in

-4. I can select a column, but cannot set it as a coordinate or
intensity, when I call the context menu on column head. A little
bit inconvenient.-