Refactoring #1486

Updated by pospelov almost 2 years ago

* -switch switch to the dock structure as in JobView- JobView
* -make make SampleViewDocks (to be created) and JobViewDocks relying on same base- base
* -get get rid of SampleViewComponents- SampleViewComponents
* -introduce introduce status bar for dock menu as in JobActivityStatusBar- JobActivityStatusBar
* split responsibilities: separate actions from toolbar
* restore broken drag-and-drop in the ItemTreeView (top right corner)
* cleanup in DesignerHelper (e.g. move common calls to CommonWidgets)
* -make make InfoWidget relying on common InfoPanel/InfoPanelToolbar- InfoPanel/InfoPanelToolbar
* -refactor refactor PySampleWidget to rely on common UpdateTimer- UpdateTimer
* switch to svg icons