Envelope task #2419

Updated by rbeerwerth 7 months ago

This issue covers a collection of issues related to polarized reflectivity.
To the moment of writing this description, polarized reflectivity is enabled, but not validated / well-tested.

ToF reflectivity required re-writing the computation engine, but the older engine is still in the repository and can be re-enabled in GISAS. GISAS by switching *MatrixFresnelMap::RTCoefficients* alias
from *MatrixRTCoefficients_v2* to *MatrixRTCoefficients*.

As part of refactoring for the implementation of Nevot-Croce Roughness in scalar reflectivity (http://apps.jcns.fz-juelich.de/redmine/issues/2428), the magnetic implementation was also refactored.
In order to revert back to the old engine, one has to return the old Strategy (now *SpecularMagneticOldStrategy*) in *SpecularStrategyBuilder::build*