From 20 Dec 2014 to 18 Jan 2015

14 Jan 2015

08:48 Feature #926 (Rejected): Provide evanescent wave python example
* User python example demonstrating evanescent wave and intensity depth math in specular geometry.
* Corresponding c...

13 Jan 2015

16:49 Feature #855 (Resolved): Check implementation of radial averaging for paracrystal
10:30 Feature #925 (Archived): Review collection of functional tests
Make sure that every example from Examples/python/simulation have corresponding functional test covering similar func... pospelov

12 Jan 2015

15:23 Refactoring #258 (Resolved): Make enumerator look the same everywhere
11:30 Refactoring #242 (Resolved): use GSL for random number sampling
10:47 Feature #853 (Backlog): Provide particles with size distribution in GUI
This issue is partly implemented. Connecting the GUI model's parameter names to domain model names requires a signifi... herck
10:11 Feature #924 (Archived): GUI: update list of saved projects
If a project directory is missing, remove the project from the list of recent projects herck

09 Jan 2015

16:25 Feature #888 (Backlog): Windows: consider include of python27.dll into the installer
This will be certainly later, simultaneously with the build on MSVC2014 pospelov
16:23 Feature #912 (Resolved): Create example of hexagonal lattice with basis
16:20 Feature #737 (Resolved): Provide example demonstrating Monte-Carlo integration for big particles

08 Jan 2015

16:47 Feature #922 (Archived): Add slicing to IntensityDataFunctions
It is often very helpful to slice the intensity data along phi_f (for a given alpha_f) or along alpha_f. The slicing ... ganeva
16:40 Support #904 (Resolved): Resonator simulations for Frederik Lipfert

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