From 23 Dec 2014 to 21 Jan 2015

21 Jan 2015

17:27 Feature #938 (Rejected): Provide in GUI creation of new project from the template
* completely empty project
* projects repeating our examples from Example/python/simulation sections
17:25 Feature #937 (Archived): Revise content and behaviour of GUI's widgetbox for standard samples
* selection and naming of standard samples in widgetbox should roughly correspond to whose from Examples/python/simul... pospelov
15:18 Documentation #592 (Rejected): Write Appendix section about Layer, MultiLayer, Roughness, Particle

This will be huge compaign related to PythonAPI and Drupal. Not related to the user manual any more. Rejecting...
15:16 Documentation #621 (Rejected): Clean up OpenGrok code browser

Not relevant issue. Open grok will not be present on web site
15:15 Feature #583 (Rejected): Implement beam divergence functional test

This will be covered within new item #925. Rejecting this.
15:13 Feature #693 (Rejected): Usability issues and small feature requests from first users.

All sub items have been completed, rejecting this...
15:12 Bug #466 (Rejected): Our CMake gets confused when there are boost 1.46 and 1.48 present on the sy...

It was long time ago, boost is different, ubuntu is different, cmake is new, I'm getting old... Let's reject it, I'...
15:02 Documentation #496 (Rejected): Add description of the covered functionality

General "big picture" section is presented on web site. More details are given in user manual. Not clear what to do...
15:00 Documentation #442 (Rejected): Review SoftwareDesignOverview section
This was done on web site already pospelov
14:59 Refactoring #240 (Rejected): Renaming campaign
All child items have been resolved. Nothing to do here, cleaning up pospelov
13:50 Documentation #905 (Sprint): Clean up doxygen documentation
13:48 Documentation #840 (Backlog): Website: provide movie with GUI tutorial
13:46 Feature #834 (Backlog): Integrate python script generation in GUI
13:35 Feature #726 (Backlog): Polarized: Provide numerically stable calculation of R,T coefficients for...

19 Jan 2015

20:11 Bug #935 (Archived): It is not possible to change phi_f in InstrumentView
also take care about limits for all parameters in RealTimeView. Currently it is limited to 100*nm pospelov

14 Jan 2015

08:48 Feature #926 (Rejected): Provide evanescent wave python example
* User python example demonstrating evanescent wave and intensity depth math in specular geometry.
* Corresponding c...

13 Jan 2015

16:49 Feature #855 (Resolved): Check implementation of radial averaging for paracrystal
10:30 Feature #925 (Archived): Review collection of functional tests
Make sure that every example from Examples/python/simulation have corresponding functional test covering similar func... pospelov

12 Jan 2015

15:23 Refactoring #258 (Resolved): Make enumerator look the same everywhere
11:30 Refactoring #242 (Resolved): use GSL for random number sampling
10:47 Feature #853 (Backlog): Provide particles with size distribution in GUI
This issue is partly implemented. Connecting the GUI model's parameter names to domain model names requires a signifi... herck
10:11 Feature #924 (Archived): GUI: update list of saved projects
If a project directory is missing, remove the project from the list of recent projects herck

09 Jan 2015

16:25 Feature #888 (Backlog): Windows: consider include of python27.dll into the installer
This will be certainly later, simultaneously with the build on MSVC2014 pospelov
16:23 Feature #912 (Resolved): Create example of hexagonal lattice with basis
16:20 Feature #737 (Resolved): Provide example demonstrating Monte-Carlo integration for big particles

08 Jan 2015

16:47 Feature #922 (Archived): Add slicing to IntensityDataFunctions
It is often very helpful to slice the intensity data along phi_f (for a given alpha_f) or along alpha_f. The slicing ... ganeva
16:40 Support #904 (Resolved): Resonator simulations for Frederik Lipfert

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