From 16 Sep 2015 to 15 Oct 2015

15 Oct 2015

09:32 Bug #1212 (Archived): Windows: modify installer to prepend BornAgain location to system PATH inst...

I have just discovered the user, who has 3 versions of Bornagain (1.0, 1.1 and 1.3) installed on Windows 7.
Seems ...

13 Oct 2015

11:27 Refactoring #1064 (Resolved): Get rid of "pylab" in Python scripts
11:27 Documentation #1182 (Resolved): Drupal: provide fitting example with simultaneous fit of two data...

12 Oct 2015

09:47 Feature #1211 (Archived): Switch to C++-11 for the whole project

Since Qt is going to c++-11 in forthcoming 5.6, it is about the time to do the same
* modify CMake machinery app...

09 Oct 2015

16:29 Documentation #1181 (Resolved): Drupal: provide fitting example along slices
11:33 Bug #1210 (Rejected): GSLLMA minimizer sometimes doesn't respect fit parameter limits attribute

In example setting of minimizer to...
10:07 Bug #811 (Rejected): FitSuite's PrintObserver reports wrong number of iterations for multiple str...
So what, it's just a feature. Rejecting... pospelov

06 Oct 2015

10:28 Support #1199 (Rejected): Consider implementation of partial structure factor

Suggestion from Marvin Berlinghof
And I have some feature recommendations:
Are you thinking about enabling part...
10:25 Bug #1198 (Archived): GUI: fix simulation for particle distributions and negative z coordinate

From Marvin Berlinghof
I think I found a small bug in the GUI:
if you have buried particles in a layer, let's s...

01 Oct 2015

15:58 Refactoring #1064: Get rid of "pylab" in Python scripts

I take this, it fits refactoring I'm doing now in python examples (related to the IntensityData and Fitting API cha...
15:56 Feature #1099 (Resolved): Repair fitting with masks

25 Sep 2015

14:13 Feature #1184 (Backlog): Implement transformation to q-space for intensity image
A possibility would be to plot lines of constant qy/qz on top of the planar detector image herck
13:20 Bug #1083 (Resolved): Trivial MultiLayer samples (no roughness, no particles) cause simulation cr...
12:48 Bug #1173 (Resolved): Revise ParticleDistribution base class

24 Sep 2015

17:34 Refactoring #619 (Resolved): Masked simulation doesn't use all threads all the time

Was easy to fix with SimulationElement and first masking implementation

23 Sep 2015

17:55 Bug #1136 (Resolved): Numerical instability at phi_f=0 on MacOS for Pyramid based form factors
14:58 Feature #922 (Resolved): Add slicing to IntensityDataFunctions
Added inside Histogram1D and 2D pospelov
14:49 Feature #948 (Resolved): Implement new IntensityData object with improved usability

Two new classes are available: Histogram1D and Histogram2D. See code examples
Suggestions on API are welcome.

21 Sep 2015

16:54 Feature #1184 (Sprint): Implement transformation to q-space for intensity image

17 Sep 2015

08:59 Feature #922 (Sprint): Add slicing to IntensityDataFunctions

16 Sep 2015

10:18 Feature #1187 (Rejected): Implement 1D fitting in SpecularSimulation
10:15 Feature #1186 (Archived): Implement tiff import/export in kernel

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