From 04 Nov 2015 to 03 Dec 2015

01 Dec 2015

12:46 Feature #1148 (Sprint): MacOS: provide generation of dmg installer using Qt5.5
I take this issue since it is related to Vagrant/Maverick build I'm currently doing pospelov

26 Nov 2015

15:06 Feature #1149 (Sprint): MacOS: provide Maverick compilation using MacMini and vagrant
15:05 Feature #1230 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: implement mask editor basic functionality

20 Nov 2015

11:08 Feature #1246 (Archived): Investigate refactoring of ParameterizedItem structure
child AND subitems
naming structure of objects: serial numbers for identically typed objects (e.g. Particle...
11:06 Refactoring #1237: GUI: generate distributed parameter names from GUI sample model instead of cor...
Usage of consistent naming of parameters and objects containing those parameters can only be implemented after refact... herck

12 Nov 2015

16:38 Feature #1211 (Resolved): Switch to C++-11 for the whole project

11 Nov 2015

10:15 Feature #1245 (Archived): Investigate alternative Python API generation (for c++11)
The current implementation of the Python bindings does not allow us to use many c++11 features, as these cannot be in... herck

06 Nov 2015

16:20 Feature #1235 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: integrate IntensityData widget into GraphicsScene

05 Nov 2015

10:46 Feature #1238 (Archived): nicer layout for (reopened: v1.6.0 roun...
Let's either send plain ASCII, or really good-looking HMTL.
At the very least, we need some margin left and right ...

04 Nov 2015

15:21 Refactoring #1061 (Resolved): describe or remove morphology mode
Removed IsGISAXS morphology file implementation completely herck
12:40 Refactoring #1236 (Resolved): Clean up remote git branches
Three remote branches removed:
-TruncatedCube: this branch was manually merged (copy of files) to develop after revi...

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