From 04 Dec 2015 to 02 Jan 2016

23 Dec 2015

15:25 Refactoring #1237 (Resolved): GUI: generate distributed parameter names from GUI sample model ins...
15:19 Refactoring #1265 (Archived): Refactor RectangularDetector API to correspond with the tutorial

Also modify the tutorials, if necessary

22 Dec 2015

15:05 Refactoring #1264 (Rejected): Refactor ParameterizedItem's different naming schemes
For the moment, ParameterizedItem has a property "Name", a QString modelType() and a QString displayName().
Since di...
09:01 Feature #1263 (Rejected): Drupal: provide site backup

In addition to the global backup of apps server, we probably have to setup individual backup for bornagainproject.o...

21 Dec 2015

11:34 Documentation #1262 (Archived): Fix IsGISAXS references in form factor section
e.g. Pyramid form factor: reference to IsGISAXS formula is outdated herck

15 Dec 2015

18:10 Feature #1260 (Resolved): Windows: installer should create PYTHONPATH environment variable in sys...

Made Windows installer to define PYTONPATH on system level. Hardcoded behavior. It is too complicated to make this ...
10:19 Feature #1260 (Archived): Windows: installer should create PYTHONPATH environment variable in sys...

For the moment PYTHONPATH variable is created in user scope. If BornAgain installed from administrator, and used by...
15:33 Bug #1072 (Rejected): cmake does not discover absence of boost components date_time, chrono, ...

It's not clear from the description, which operation system it is. Tried to reproduce on Ubuntu, didn't succeed - c...
15:06 Feature #1234 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: provide functional tests for all 3 domains
15:06 Feature #1233 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: provide transform from C++ domain to python domain
11:13 Feature #1232 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: provide transform from C++ domain to GUI domain
10:20 Documentation #1261 (Archived): Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming re...

* mention new tutorials in release letter

11 Dec 2015

16:11 Feature #1231 (Resolved): GUI mask editor: integrate mask editor into InstrumentView

10 Dec 2015

11:40 Feature #1259 (Archived): Add 1D lattice interference function to GUI
09:55 Refactoring #1258 (Archived): GUI: move XML related methods outside of the SessionModel

It looks like that all methods involved into copying of ParameterizedItem through XML machinery, namely...

09 Dec 2015

13:33 Feature #1257 (Resolved): GUI: provide import into GUI model from python script

jean Francois has asked for it. He wants write a script by himself and then generate GUI project file to give it ...
13:30 Feature #1256 (Rejected): CMake should notify the user during the build if there is already previ...

The problem arise when the user tries to compile BornAgain and then runs 'make check' command. If BornAgain was alr...

08 Dec 2015

14:34 Feature #1149 (Resolved): MacOS: provide Maverick compilation using MacMini and vagrant

New instructions in
14:03 Configuration #1255 (Archived): MacOS: provide vagrant build configurations for Mavericks

* install buildslave to maverick box
* install Anaconda3 to maverick box
* provide buildbot configuration ...

04 Dec 2015

17:48 Feature #1148 (Resolved): MacOS: provide generation of dmg installer using Qt5.5

Also available in: Atom