From 26 Feb 2017 to 27 Mar 2017

27 Mar 2017

17:51 Feature #1785 (Resolved): Add graded layer approximation to GUI
17:50 Feature #1616 (Resolved): For correct computation of mean refractive index, no longer allow embed...
When the user enables the usage of the mean refractive index without explicitly setting the number of slices for a la... herck
13:19 Feature #1672 (Resolved): Implement subdivision of a layer into multiple layers for graded interf...
13:15 Refactoring #1784 (Resolved): Clean up code after implementation of graded layer approximation
Numerous extra methods have appeared, mainly in MultiLayer and Layer. See if things can be organized more cleanly. herck

23 Mar 2017

15:02 Feature #1683 (Resolved): GUI: provide persistence of plot settings (interpolation, color scale, ...

22 Mar 2017

15:21 Feature #1783 (Resolved): GUI: get rid of ScientificDoubleProperty

This property was introduced to provide editing of double values in scientific notation in GUI widgets.
15:14 Feature #1782 (Resolved): GUI: provide restore project on GUI crash

Save temporary project file every 10 sec. Provide possibility to restore from it, next time GUI was started after t...
15:07 Bug #1632 (Resolved): GUI: delete button doesn't work on MacBook for masks on ImportDataView
Was already resolved. pospelov
14:59 Bug #1781 (Backlog): Installer: Linux: Fix to correctly drop from path previous ... script is used to quickly setup PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point on BornAgain installation ...
14:49 Feature #1780 (Resolved): CMake: provide check for Python configuration consistency

Triggered by
On Ubuntu 16.04.2, while compiling BornAgain with P...

21 Mar 2017

15:46 Refactoring #1485 (Resolved): GUI: refactor InstrumentView
15:40 Feature #1503 (Rejected): GUI: provide intuitive way to insert layer into multilayer
Duplicates #1696 pospelov

15 Mar 2017

10:49 Bug #1745 (Resolved): GUI: resolution function for spherical detector doesn't affect simulation.

14 Mar 2017

16:50 Refactoring #1484 (Resolved): GUI: refactor InstrumentItem and DetectorItem

13 Mar 2017

16:53 Bug #1776 (Resolved): SpecularSimulation gives wrong results when top layer is not vacuum
13:15 Bug #1776 (Resolved): SpecularSimulation gives wrong results when top layer is not vacuum
When running a SpecularSimulation with only two layers, |R|^2 is not one below the critical angle of the top layer. herck

09 Mar 2017

17:21 Feature #1774 (Resolved): Check and document best way of handling magnetic materials under rotations
Magnetic materials sit inside Particle and during the generation of the correct form factors, its rotation will be ap... herck

08 Mar 2017

15:01 Feature #1671 (Resolved): Provide automatic splitting of particle shapes when they cross a layer ...
14:13 Refactoring #1775 (Backlog): Parameterization: Check pyramid like shapes for angles > 90 degrees
In principle, nothing prevents us to use angels bigger than 90 degrees in our form factors. However, some checks have... herck

07 Mar 2017

15:22 Feature #1769 (Resolved): support TIFF data from A. Nent

06 Mar 2017

17:08 Feature #1774 (Resolved): Check and document best way of handling magnetic materials under rotations
Currently it is not clear when materials are to be rotated (the B-field that is). Define a consistent way of handling... herck

28 Feb 2017

17:25 Bug #1637 (Rejected): GUI: just loaded fitting project appears as already changed
This was fixed within #1484.
13:45 Feature #1670 (Resolved): Provide interface for adding particle shapes in different layers that a...
Particles are however still not split over layer interfaces. Their bottom z-coordinate is used to determine in which ... herck
08:42 Feature #1769 (Sprint): support TIFF data from A. Nent

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