From 15 May 2017 to 13 Jun 2017

12 Jun 2017

14:57 Feature #1817 (Backlog): GUI: provide an easy way of importing instrument definitions and real da...
This feature would enable instruments to generate the BornAgain instrument definition (beam, detector, alignment) com... herck

09 Jun 2017

22:39 Bug #1816 (Resolved): GUI: minimum value of particle density in particle layouts is fixed to 0.00...

02 Jun 2017

17:26 Feature #1257 (Sprint): GUI: provide import into GUI model from python script
17:24 Documentation #1522 (Sprint): Create python example with polarized neutrons and magnetic materials
Do it when Walter's magnetization is ready.
Provide functional test.
17:08 Feature #1004 (Rejected): GUI: revise tooltips in all GUI elements
Rejected in the favor of #1808 and similar. This one is too big. pospelov
16:20 Bug #1815 (Rejected): GUI: FitView sometimes stops fit progress update
During the demo, FitView sometimes enters to the buggy state, when simulated image stops updating in the course of th... pospelov
16:17 Bug #1765 (Sprint): GUI: ExportToPython generates unsorted material labels.
I find it's a very irritating behavior during real time demos. Adding to sprint... pospelov
16:13 Feature #1694 (Rejected): GUI: Provide a way to save fitted image into the file.
Rejected in the favor of #1814 pospelov
16:12 Feature #1703 (Rejected): GUI: provide convenient way to set min,max for relative difference map.
Rejected in the favor of #1814 pospelov
16:10 Feature #1814 (Resolved): GUI: provide FitView with possibility to set same color scale for real ...

For the moment FitView displays 3 colormap: real data, simulated data and difference map.
There is no access to Co...
15:52 Feature #1813 (Resolved): GUI: pop-up modal progress bar dialog on project load

To avoid filling of unresponsiveness while loading heavy project, make the GUI blocked by modal dialog with some an...
15:49 Feature #1812 (Resolved): GUI: provide saving of project in separate thread
For the moment, when GUI saves project (in autosave mode, or because of ctrl-s pressed), saving is done in a main GUI... pospelov

29 May 2017

14:56 Bug #1811 (Resolved): GUI: fitting of roughness parameters is broken for two layers systems
09:05 Bug #1811 (Resolved): GUI: fitting of roughness parameters is broken for two layers systems

Translation for two layer systems (one interface) is broken due to wrong translation of interface "LayerInterface0"...
14:56 Bug #1810: GUI: unconsistency in deg2rad convertion for angle distributions
The first problem is solved: setBeamParameters will now correctly display the mean values in degrees with "*deg" suffix herck

26 May 2017

12:12 Bug #1810 (Resolved): GUI: unconsistency in deg2rad convertion for angle distributions

See email from Wolfgang Gruber:...

22 May 2017

18:25 Bug #1809 (Resolved): Review cross correlation length of multi layer
10:19 Feature #1762 (Resolved): GUI: create tooltips for interference function items

19 May 2017

13:36 Bug #1809 (Resolved): Review cross correlation length of multi layer

Seems that the value CrossCollLength doesn't affect simulation.
Functional test gives always the same numerical ...

17 May 2017

14:27 Feature #1808 (Resolved): GUI: restore all form factor tooltips
11:09 Documentation #1131 (Resolved): Create tutorial explaining interference function parameterization

Done. See sections at

16 May 2017

17:53 Bug #1580 (Resolved): Core: ParticleComposition with destructive interference (selection rules no...
The problem described actually consists of two unrelated issues:
1) A normalization error in the 2D lattice interfer...
15:24 Feature #1807 (Resolved): Provide integration over xi for 2d lattice interference function

15 May 2017

15:39 Bug #1798 (Resolved): Provide check for negative absorption values
I checked the reflectivity in a specular simulation with beta value of some layers negative. As expected, this acts l... herck
12:15 Bug #1798 (Sprint): Provide check for negative absorption values
12:17 Feature #1740 (Sprint): Implement polarized scattering on magnetic nanoparticles using the magnet...
12:16 Feature #1795 (Sprint): GUI: make parametrization of FormFactorTruncatedSphere and FormFactorTrun...
12:16 Feature #1804 (Sprint): Implement FormFactorTrivial in GUI
12:15 Bug #1806 (Sprint): GUI: Zoom of imported data does not work after applying a mask or ROI

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