From 12 Jun 2017 to 11 Jul 2017

11 Jul 2017

08:24 Feature #907 (Sprint): Example to create: MesoCrystal tutorial

We have to explain users at last how to simulate mesocrystals in BornAgain (via Python). Machinery is there from th...
08:15 Feature #1579 (Sprint): provide trapezoid resolution function to describe instruments with neutro...

Old request from Arthur, also saw use case during icns2017 conference.

07 Jul 2017

10:35 Feature #1804 (Resolved): Implement FormFactorTrivial in GUI

05 Jul 2017

14:47 Bug #1509 (Resolved): Version string should be different for executables generated from 'develop'...
Added step in release procedure to change and propagate develop version to X.x.99 herck
14:44 Bug #1509 (Sprint): Version string should be different for executables generated from 'develop', ...
10:54 Feature #1684 (Resolved): nicer layout for

04 Jul 2017

17:54 Feature #1684 (Sprint): nicer layout for
Verify if this still applies herck
14:52 Refactoring #1476 (Sprint): Revise installation directory structure under Linux
Taking to the sprint. Find location lib/BornAgain-1.9/ quite confusing pospelov
13:34 Feature #1803 (Sprint): Make plot_intensity_data util aware of current axes units
13:33 Feature #1824 (Resolved): Revise current Python examples

List of minor fixes in Python examples
> Provide correct units deg for Gaussian...

03 Jul 2017

16:36 Documentation #1522 (Resolved): Create python example with polarized neutrons and magnetic materials
11:16 Bug #1821 (Rejected): SpecularSimulation gives slightly different results compared to GISASSimula...
Using the exact same alpha_i values in both simulations gives exactly the same results herck

30 Jun 2017

15:38 Documentation #1823 (Resolved): Revise current list of Redmine issues

Consider cleaning up of our Redmine
* to make the development more agile
* to get rid from very minor issues or...
13:49 Feature #586 (Rejected): Investigate chi2-like objective functions
Not clear what is was supposed to do here and in which context. pospelov

29 Jun 2017

18:14 Bug #1791 (Resolved): Python example FitGalaxiData became much slower
15:51 Documentation #1820 (Resolved): Provide Jülich logo on website

27 Jun 2017

17:03 Feature #1822 (Resolved): SWIG: how to report error details from the method overloaded in Python.

DrawObserver is a Python class derived from IFitObserver (C++).
In the case of error in Python code in overloaded ...
16:10 Feature #1812 (Resolved): GUI: provide saving of project in separate thread
Save, autosave in a thread, save queue were implemented. Took about 1000 lines of code (where 500 lines were unit tes... pospelov
16:02 Bug #1792 (Rejected): Invalid memory access in MaskGraphicsScene destructor
Rejecting, while invalid memory access is already fixed. MaskGraphicsScene redesign is something else. pospelov
16:01 Bug #1790 (Resolved): MacOS dmg installer contains garbage from libgtest
13:50 Feature #1813 (Resolved): GUI: pop-up modal progress bar dialog on project load
Not a dialog, but simple busy cursor.
13:50 Bug #1793 (Resolved): GUI: get rid of memory leackages in graphics widgets

Fixed all memory leakages in GUI.
Moved Walter's comment about KDAP tools to

26 Jun 2017

01:51 Bug #1816 (Resolved): GUI: minimum value of particle density in particle layouts is fixed to 0.00...

23 Jun 2017

15:29 Bug #1821 (Rejected): SpecularSimulation gives slightly different results compared to GISASSimula...
The origin of the discrepancy is likely to be caused by binning of the specular bin in the case of GISASSimulation. herck
12:21 Documentation #1820 (Resolved): Provide Jülich logo on website
12:17 Feature #1819 (Resolved): Review custom form factors after graded layer approximation
Check if there are no inconsistencies when defining a custom form factor (like in the example we provide on our websi... herck

14 Jun 2017

15:24 Feature #1740 (Resolved): Implement polarized scattering on magnetic nanoparticles using the magn...
13:50 Bug #1810 (Resolved): GUI: unconsistency in deg2rad convertion for angle distributions
13:49 Bug #1765 (Resolved): GUI: ExportToPython generates unsorted material labels.
09:04 Feature #1818 (Resolved): Investigate simulation performance in the case of large detectors

For large detectors, like 1024x1024, the 70% of time is spent in IDetector2D::createSimulationElements (according t...

12 Jun 2017

14:57 Feature #1817 (Backlog): GUI: provide an easy way of importing instrument definitions and real da...
This feature would enable instruments to generate the BornAgain instrument definition (beam, detector, alignment) com... herck

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