From 18 Dec 2017 to 16 Jan 2018

16 Jan 2018

14:39 Refactoring #1934 (Resolved): Move creation of simulation elements out of instrument/detector
At the same time, split SimulationElement to contain the right amount of information for SpecularSimulation vs GISAS/... herck
14:22 Feature #1933 (Resolved): Provide same functionality for offspecular simulation as for GISASSimul...
14:22 Feature #1932 (Rejected): Implement rectangular detector for offspecular simulation

15 Jan 2018

12:41 Feature #1931 (Resolved): Implement footprint correction
Two options envisioned:
# footprint correction for Gaussian beam
# footprint correction for square beam
09:54 Refactoring #1930 (Resolved): Refactor OffSpecSimulation
This class holds some code duplication (wtih GISASSimulation) herck
09:46 Bug #1898 (Resolved): GUI: »New to BornAgain?« -> »Web docs«

12 Jan 2018

18:29 Feature #1860 (Sprint): Allow for instrument resolution in specular calculations
17:37 Refactoring #1284 (Rejected): Move particle surface density to interference function instead of p...
There is no point in moving it out of ParticleLayout for the moment, as we often have:
-no interference function
16:43 Feature #1892 (Resolved): GUI: refactor instrument view for better appearance of polarization rel...

09 Jan 2018

13:49 Feature #1929 (Resolved): Switch Python3 ON by default

* Modify master CMake to have Python3=ON by default
** Take care of the case when Python3 is not present on the sy...

22 Dec 2017

14:22 Feature #1928 (Backlog): GUI: SpecularSimulation: progress counter broken
Currently it doesn't. One should setup the number of ticks in progress in Simulation::runSimulation and make them cou... dmitry

20 Dec 2017

13:39 Feature #1786 (Resolved): Switch source *.h *.cpp files to new version of header (copyright, auth...
12:33 Refactoring #1917 (Sprint): Find a better way to carry specular data from Fresnel map to Specular...
12:19 Feature #1842 (Rejected): Improve simulation performance in the case of large detectors
Concerning future employment of computations on GPU, not much could be done for this issue. After refactoring creatio... dmitry
10:07 Feature #1826 (Rejected): GUI: revise all tooltips of InstrumentView
Seems that all tooltips are more or less OK. pospelov

19 Dec 2017

12:34 Feature #1905 (Resolved): Provide access to minimizer catalogue from python

18 Dec 2017

14:58 Feature #1927 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: InterferenceFunction2DParaCrystal::interference1D ...

Simulation using interference function of 2D para crystal is quite popular among users, however the per...
11:19 Feature #1842: Improve simulation performance in the case of large detectors
From profiler output (ReleaseWithDebugInfo mode, 2048x2048 detector):
Creation of simulation elements (first 11 dump...
10:17 Feature #1818 (Resolved): Investigate simulation performance in the case of large detectors

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