From 13 Oct 2018 to 11 Nov 2018

06 Nov 2018

16:58 Configuration #2216: Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
Resolved in wuttke
15:43 Configuration #2216 (Resolved): Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
09:48 Feature #2215 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: implement other variant for 2d lattice interferenc...
Currently, the implementation applies the decay function only to the lattice peaks (in real space). Although this mig... herck

05 Nov 2018

15:03 Bug #2214 (Resolved): GUI crash when deleting connection
To reproduce:
* Load the project in attachment and go to Sample View
* Delete the connection between the Layer and ...

30 Oct 2018

09:43 Bug #2213 (Rejected): Unit tests crashing if user system contains own googletest library in LD_LI...

Within this item, add rpath to our own google tests library l...

26 Oct 2018

19:37 Feature #2199 (Resolved): Expand txt-file saving to 1D data
19:36 Feature #2177 (Resolved): Employ PointwiseAxis in the GUI for SpecularSimulations
14:25 Bug #2212 (Rejected): Saving 1d data in tiff format causes BornAgain to crash.
How to reproduce:
- Import 1d data (either by using the assistant or in some other way)
- Click save button
- C...
12:41 Refactoring #2211 (Backlog): GUI: Fit view: Refactor fit progress/fit comparison widgets

Fit progress widget shows chi2 as a function of number of iterations.
In the case of reflectometry fit, it occupie...
11:09 Testing #2210 (Resolved): Test 1d data import on known file formats
Data import functionality should be tested on "real-life" data, mainly provided
by Marina Ganeva. After replacing pr...
10:20 Feature #2195 (Resolved): Necessary amendments to ImportDataAssistant

25 Oct 2018

14:30 Feature #2102 (Resolved): GUI: switch fitting in GUI from FitSuite to FitObjective
12:41 Feature #2194 (Resolved): Handle native coordinates and units from imported user data in RealData...

24 Oct 2018

17:47 Feature #2209 (Backlog): Example to create: Fit using bumps minimizer
16:40 Feature #2208 (Resolved): Update all fitting examples to the new fitting mechanism.

* Create example duplicates using new FitObjective machinery (if not created yet)
* Remove obsolete FitSuite based...
15:33 Bug #2183 (Resolved): Export to python doesn't add extension to file name
15:13 Feature #2207 (Resolved): Allow multiplying/dividing data columns by constant factor in CsvImport...
It will enable user to load double incident angle coordinates as well as normalize intensity data. dmitry

18 Oct 2018

15:49 Refactoring #1486 (Resolved): GUI: refactor SampleView
Implemented most of features mentioned in the description.
Created issues #2202 and #2206 for skipped parts.
15:48 Feature #2206 (Backlog): GUI: restore broken drag-and-drop in the ItemTreeView
+ Long broken feature in SampleView
Do we actually need it?
15:46 Feature #2196 (Resolved): Provide proper cleanup of OpenGL resources on parent widget change
13:50 Feature #2203 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: refactor FancyTabWidget to account for high dpi monitors
13:35 Feature #2203 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: refactor FancyTabWidget to account for high dpi monitors

* Current version in highdpi mode shows misaligned icons
* Should be enough to refactor FancyTabWidget::paintEven...
13:47 Feature #2205 (Backlog): Fit: Replace difference plot in fitobserver with the true metric used fo...
13:39 Feature #2204 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: switch mainwindow to highdpi mode on Linux by default

* Currently it can be done with --highdpi command line argument
* After #2202 and #2203 are resolved, switch the k...
13:34 Feature #2202 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: replace remaining png icons with their svg versions

17 Oct 2018

17:19 Bug #1646 (Rejected): Reversed order numpy array
> the returned array from the simulation result using .getArray() is reversed in the first dimension.
Is this true?
15:38 Bug #1646 (Resolved): Reversed order numpy array
14:20 Bug #2173 (Resolved): Inconsistent behavior of dock widgets between sample view and job view
12:02 Bug #2183: Export to python doesn't add extension to file name
Rerpoduced on Ubuntu 16.04.
Now solved.
Pull request on its way.

16 Oct 2018

18:04 Feature #2201 (Resolved): Remove quotation marks around 'Experimental' in the plotting of fits
18:02 Feature #2201 (Resolved): Remove quotation marks around 'Experimental' in the plotting of fits
17:32 Bug #2200 (Resolved): Trapezoid distribution generates edge values with zero probability
If one assigns a trapezoid distribution to wavelength, then two samples will be created that have zero weight. herck
10:34 Bug #2179 (Resolved): Saving and loading txt image in GUI causes rotation
10:33 Feature #2199 (Resolved): Expand txt-file saving to 1D data
Currently attempt to save reflectometry picture to numpy-formatted file fails with an exception. dmitry
07:46 Bug #2198 (Resolved): BornAgain GUI on certain Win10 stays collapsed on taskbar

* Uliana's PC affected
* After start (click on BornAgain desktop icon) - BornAgain icon appears on windows task ba...

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