From 17 Oct 2018 to 15 Nov 2018

15 Nov 2018

18:11 Feature #2224 (Resolved): Investigate and implement azimuthal smearing of peak shapes
10:33 Feature #2142 (Resolved): Allow material tuning in real time view
10:05 Documentation #2223 (Resolved): Update BornAgain Windows installation documentation on the webpage.
Documentation about BornAgain installation for windows is outdated and should be updated.
So what do we do, what w...

14 Nov 2018

09:58 Feature #2222 (Resolved): Allow scientific notation in tuning parameter tree
Required for editing slds/refractive indices dmitry

13 Nov 2018

18:02 Bug #2219 (Resolved): Appveyor build crash during unit text execution
09:24 Bug #2219 (Resolved): Appveyor build crash during unit text execution
17:35 Refactoring #2221 (Backlog): Installer: Windows: get libraries from Nuget?

I found out a really cool way, which all experienced Windows programmers of course know,
to get BornAgain third pa...
14:21 Testing #2220 (Resolved): Change unit test run order
For the moment they are run after last executable (BornAgain.exe) is complete.
It is not that important, while worki...

12 Nov 2018

11:13 Feature #2218 (Resolved): Find an intelligent way to handle repeating values in the coordinate ve...
User reflectivity data may contain repeating values in the coordinate vector. This should be handled by the data load... ganeva
10:55 Bug #2217 (Resolved): GUI crash on instrument adjustment for 1D data
1. Start GUI and import some reflectivity data (see repo ... ganeva

06 Nov 2018

16:58 Configuration #2216: Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
Resolved in wuttke
15:43 Configuration #2216 (Resolved): Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
09:48 Feature #2215 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: implement other variant for 2d lattice interferenc...
Currently, the implementation applies the decay function only to the lattice peaks (in real space). Although this mig... herck

05 Nov 2018

15:03 Bug #2214 (Resolved): GUI crash when deleting connection
To reproduce:
* Load the project in attachment and go to Sample View
* Delete the connection between the Layer and ...

30 Oct 2018

09:43 Bug #2213 (Rejected): Unit tests crashing if user system contains own googletest library in LD_LI...

Within this item, add rpath to our own google tests library l...

26 Oct 2018

19:37 Feature #2199 (Resolved): Expand txt-file saving to 1D data
19:36 Feature #2177 (Resolved): Employ PointwiseAxis in the GUI for SpecularSimulations
14:25 Bug #2212 (Rejected): Saving 1d data in tiff format causes BornAgain to crash.
How to reproduce:
- Import 1d data (either by using the assistant or in some other way)
- Click save button
- C...
12:41 Refactoring #2211 (Backlog): GUI: Fit view: Refactor fit progress/fit comparison widgets

Fit progress widget shows chi2 as a function of number of iterations.
In the case of reflectometry fit, it occupie...
11:09 Testing #2210 (Resolved): Test 1d data import on known file formats
Data import functionality should be tested on "real-life" data, mainly provided
by Marina Ganeva. After replacing pr...
10:20 Feature #2195 (Resolved): Necessary amendments to ImportDataAssistant

25 Oct 2018

14:30 Feature #2102 (Resolved): GUI: switch fitting in GUI from FitSuite to FitObjective
12:41 Feature #2194 (Resolved): Handle native coordinates and units from imported user data in RealData...

24 Oct 2018

17:47 Feature #2209 (Backlog): Example to create: Fit using bumps minimizer
16:40 Feature #2208 (Resolved): Update all fitting examples to the new fitting mechanism.

* Create example duplicates using new FitObjective machinery (if not created yet)
* Remove obsolete FitSuite based...
15:33 Bug #2183 (Resolved): Export to python doesn't add extension to file name
15:13 Feature #2207 (Resolved): Allow multiplying/dividing data columns by constant factor in CsvImport...
It will enable user to load double incident angle coordinates as well as normalize intensity data. dmitry

18 Oct 2018

15:49 Refactoring #1486 (Resolved): GUI: refactor SampleView
Implemented most of features mentioned in the description.
Created issues #2202 and #2206 for skipped parts.
15:48 Feature #2206 (Backlog): GUI: restore broken drag-and-drop in the ItemTreeView
+ Long broken feature in SampleView
Do we actually need it?
15:46 Feature #2196 (Resolved): Provide proper cleanup of OpenGL resources on parent widget change
13:50 Feature #2203 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: refactor FancyTabWidget to account for high dpi monitors
13:35 Feature #2203 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: refactor FancyTabWidget to account for high dpi monitors

* Current version in highdpi mode shows misaligned icons
* Should be enough to refactor FancyTabWidget::paintEven...
13:47 Feature #2205 (Backlog): Fit: Replace difference plot in fitobserver with the true metric used fo...
13:39 Feature #2204 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: switch mainwindow to highdpi mode on Linux by default

* Currently it can be done with --highdpi command line argument
* After #2202 and #2203 are resolved, switch the k...
13:34 Feature #2202 (Backlog): GUI highdpi: replace remaining png icons with their svg versions

17 Oct 2018

17:19 Bug #1646 (Rejected): Reversed order numpy array
> the returned array from the simulation result using .getArray() is reversed in the first dimension.
Is this true?
15:38 Bug #1646 (Resolved): Reversed order numpy array
14:20 Bug #2173 (Resolved): Inconsistent behavior of dock widgets between sample view and job view
12:02 Bug #2183: Export to python doesn't add extension to file name
Rerpoduced on Ubuntu 16.04.
Now solved.
Pull request on its way.

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