From 11 Dec 2018 to 09 Jan 2019

09 Jan 2019

17:18 Bug #2262 (Resolved): Fix memory leakage in Python API
14:33 Bug #2270 (Resolved): Repeating values after removing unsorted data
11:42 Refactoring #2275 (Resolved): Refactor cmake machinery for consistent Python interpreter/librarie...

Our long standing problem is inconsistency in Python interpreter and Python library versions. Even on Linux cmake o...
11:34 Feature #2274 (Long Term Idea): Code organisation: investigate Swig replacement

> Why the author of swig hates...
10:23 Documentation #2273 (Resolved): Comparative overview of existing reflectometry packages

07 Jan 2019

10:52 Bug #2262 (Sprint): Fix memory leakage in Python API

03 Jan 2019

13:07 Bug #2062 (Rejected): Saving data to "Untitled" directory on win
12:24 Feature #2259 (Resolved): Make off-spec simulation fittable

21 Dec 2018

14:24 Bug #2272 (Rejected): Reports from the school: coefficients are not scalar bug.
yesterday in the UserSession i have experienced an reproducible error in the BornAgain GUI: If I insert a magnetizati... pospelov
12:18 Feature #2271 (Rejected): Provide units Angstroms in import 1D data widget
11:34 Bug #2270 (Resolved): Repeating values after removing unsorted data
1D Importer fails on data with partially overlapping data ranges.
They are interpreted as unsorted values, but if th...
11:22 Bug #2269 (Backlog): GUI on Windows: import python script fails with anaconda python in path
Not clear if it depends on python version and if the problem exists for over python installations dmitry

20 Dec 2018

18:45 Bug #2268 (Rejected): Sometimes parameter values are reset when they go out of focus
17:45 Feature #2267 (Resolved): Activate polarized sans
See LayoutStrategyBuilder.cpp herck
16:56 Feature #2266 (Backlog): GUI: set detector analyzer direction automatically to beam polarization ...
16:25 Bug #2265 (Resolved): 3D view incorrectly represents particle positions for layouts connected to ...
See attached project file herck

19 Dec 2018

17:54 Feature #2264 (Backlog): GUI: property panel of intensity data is too narrow on some systems
Provide splitter to be able to resize place occupied by property editor pospelov
17:50 Feature #2263 (Backlog): GUI: provide immediate canceling of running job
For the moment, canceling of job takes few seconds before it actually stops pospelov
08:25 Bug #2262 (Resolved): Fix memory leakage in Python API
Huge memory leakage while running attached file pospelov
08:22 Feature #2261 (Backlog): GUI: WelcomeView: Provide tooltip for project file name
If project file name is long, I can't see full name of the opened project on WelcomeView.
Tooltip is required to be ...

18 Dec 2018

11:27 Feature #2260 (Resolved): Remove domain size and damping length in paracrystals in favour of a sm...

12 Dec 2018

13:01 Feature #2259 (Sprint): Make off-spec simulation fittable
12:57 Feature #2259 (Resolved): Make off-spec simulation fittable
According to user request dmitry

11 Dec 2018

16:28 Bug #2255 (Sprint): Parameterization: incompatible fit parameters handled badly,cause program cra...
During study of fitting rest a model was take as REAL DATA:
Cone6 BaseEdge: 150
Height: 2...
14:35 Bug #2055 (Rejected): BornAgain cannot fit multiple datasets if sample is created with sample bui...
Became obsolete with new FitObjective machinery pospelov
14:34 Feature #2182 (Rejected): Simulation::setTerminalProgressMonitor doesn't work on specular simulation
Rejected in the favor of #1928 pospelov
14:34 Feature #1928 (Backlog): GUI: SpecularSimulation: progress counter broken
Take care of Simulation::setTerminalProgressMonitor also pospelov
14:19 Feature #2254: Units: Proposal about uniform units of measurement
When I enter invalid simulation parameters, the "Houston, we have a problem" window appears. The units of measurement... Uliana_Koneva
14:11 Bug #2251: GUI: plots: The ordinate (y) scale of graph "Iteration" incorrect display.
This problem are in Win 10 with 1366*768 and 1920*1200 screen resolution.
I haven't it in Ubuntu 18.04.1 with 2560*...
12:07 Bug #2251: GUI: plots: The ordinate (y) scale of graph "Iteration" incorrect display.
BornAgain - 1.13.99 Uliana_Koneva
13:14 Feature #2247 (Resolved): Update Yosemite vagrant box
Current procedure
now prepare...
08:57 Configuration #2252: Investigate the possibility to use different versions of shared libraries on...
UPD: it proves that after compiling against older qt versions (tested on 5.5.1), it is still possible to use newer Qt... dmitry

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