From 15 Mar 2019 to 13 Apr 2019

12 Apr 2019

18:11 Bug #2338 (Resolved): Numerical instability in roughness calculations

Appeared in current release, in release 14 is absent.
Use attached project, run simulation and play with roughne...

10 Apr 2019

18:28 Bug #2337 (Resolved): Layout weights are not exported to Python from GUI
11:17 Bug #2337: Layout weights are not exported to Python from GUI
Also check if they are taken into account during simulation (translation to core objects) herck
11:16 Bug #2337 (Resolved): Layout weights are not exported to Python from GUI

04 Apr 2019

16:09 Bug #2306 (Rejected): Weird intensity results in DepthProbeSimulation
The vertical spikes in the intensity picture seem to be a consequence of the way we incorporate roughness in the calc... herck
13:47 Feature #2336 (Resolved): Make reflectometry computation as fast as in Refnx
During our last group meeting, we decided to carry out several performance tests:
* Time scaling with the number o...

03 Apr 2019

14:02 Feature #2335 (Backlog): Fit: Non-obvious way of constructing custom evaluate function for FitObj...
evaluate function defined in python will not work properly without calling evaluate_residuals.
In particular, it wil...
13:40 Feature #2334 (Backlog): Installer: Windows: allow users to choose if they want to put BornAgain ...
Currently windows installer puts BornAgain in the python path.
It is not always desirable, since some of the users m...

28 Mar 2019

14:51 Bug #2324 (Rejected): Save to TIFF is broken
Intensity values are converted to integers during save of a tiff-file. Seemingly it was done for compatibility with s... dmitry
13:20 Bug #2324: Save to TIFF is broken
Confirmed on windows dmitry
12:49 Feature #2333 (Resolved): GUI: Switch resolutions/divergences in specular instrument to the new r...
12:39 Feature #2315 (Resolved): Provide support for pointwise resolution in reflectometry

26 Mar 2019

14:26 Bug #2332 (Rejected): GUI: artifacts in real data during work
During work with real data, artifacts are appear, when change x-axis. They are look as vertical rods.
Parameters: in...

25 Mar 2019

14:34 Feature #2331 (Resolved): Unit labels
Several users (ESS and IFF Spring School 2019) would find it useful to include units in places where values need to b... juan
14:10 Bug #2330 (Resolved): "Save" fails when there are Cyrillic characters on the path.
Some users from the IFF Spring School 2019 had their Windows installation with Cyrillic characters all over the place... juan
13:04 Bug #2329 (Resolved): OffSpecSimulation does not work with rectangular detector
To reproduce:
Create an offspecular simulation and set the rectangular detector. The simulation will crash with an...

19 Mar 2019

12:25 Bug #2328 (Rejected): Crashing during GISAS fitting
To reproduce:
1. choose default GISAS instrument
2. set "Cylinders and Prisms" standard sample
3. load attached ...

15 Mar 2019

12:09 Documentation #2325 (Resolved): Proofread Windows installation tutorials
09:50 Bug #2327 (Backlog): GUI: cannot delete several experimental datasets at once
Observed on win dmitry

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