From 04 Jun 2019 to 03 Jul 2019

25 Jun 2019

13:35 Bug #2329 (Resolved): OffSpecSimulation does not work with rectangular detector

24 Jun 2019

10:39 Feature #2377 (Resolved): Implement layer editor prototype on the basis of the the new model-view...

13 Jun 2019

13:35 Feature #2316 (Resolved): Provide support for handling intensity uncertainties in experimental data

12 Jun 2019

11:59 Refactoring #2376: Fit: Look for an alternative to root minimizers
In this page ( there's a gazillion of c++ libraries, not all of which ar... juan

05 Jun 2019

13:14 Refactoring #2376 (Long Term Idea): Fit: Look for an alternative to root minimizers
Root library covers lots of very different minimizers under one umbrella.
However it lacks some modern minimizers (e...

04 Jun 2019

18:41 Bug #2375 (Rejected): fit along slices example fails to converge
Setting another minimizer (e.g. Genetic) helps. dmitry

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