From 16 Sep 2019 to 15 Oct 2019

15 Oct 2019

10:31 Bug #2408 (Resolved): Unable to save png, pdf and jpg
Somehow the ability to save 2d plots as jpg, png and pdf is lost. juan

25 Sep 2019

09:20 Feature #2407 (Backlog): GUI: Add q-space coordinates for Off-Specular simulations results
When showing the results of Off-Specular simulations within the "Jobs" view, the "q-space" option is missing in the c... juan

24 Sep 2019

12:59 Feature #2406 (Backlog): Parameterization: Provide ParticleDistribution with uncoupled parameters
User reports... pospelov

23 Sep 2019

14:21 Refactoring #2405 (Rejected): Simplify IterationStrategy and related classes
To the moment iteration strategies use internal stack of iterators.
I guess it can be simplified with achieving a be...

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