From 18 Mar 2020 to 16 Apr 2020

16 Apr 2020

17:53 Bug #2442 (Resolved): Roughness on first semi-infinite layer
It is possible to ask BornAgain to create a rough interface for the first semi-infinite layer. ... rbeerwerth
17:43 Bug #2441 (Resolved): Imaginary SLD
Currently it is possible to create materials with negative SLD/refractive index:... rbeerwerth
15:55 Refactoring #2343: Improve performance in reflectometry engine
This is completed in PR 911 (
A test case that probes the numerical ...
15:32 Feature #2428 (Resolved): Add Nevot-Croce roughness model
15:18 Feature #2428: Add Nevot-Croce roughness model
This feature is completed in PR 909 (
Related PRs:
* Functional test...

11 Apr 2020

12:40 Feature #2433: Parameterization: investigate multi-threaded performance in the case of parameter ...
I have created the first pull request for better performance in a multi-thread environment pospelov

09 Apr 2020

10:30 Feature #2440 (Rejected): TO DISCUSS: Core: Run static code analyzer once
Run static code on Core, modify according to recommendaitons. pospelov

07 Apr 2020

14:43 Refactoring #2439 (Resolved): Get rid of all Qt's deprecated compile warnings

06 Apr 2020

22:49 Feature #2438 (Resolved): Website: rename "python scripts" and "tutorial examples" menu entries.
This is tedious and massive directory renaming, to get at the end
Documentation menu entries right:
**To Discuss ...
16:42 Documentation #1710 (Backlog): Manual: explain particle density
11:51 Documentation #2437 (Resolved): Website: provide citing and news item for BornAgain publication

* News item
* Citing at
* Citing at
11:42 Refactoring #2410 (Sprint): Core: beam propagation: Speeding up computations on samples with a la...
11:36 Feature #2436 (Backlog): Core API: MultiLayer: redesign to support repetitions.
New Reflectometry GUI prototype allows creating convenience multi-layer structures with repeating internal content (t... pospelov
11:30 Feature #2435 (Resolved): Investigate GitHub action system.
Currently, our continuous integration relies on two systems:
* Buildbot for nightly and developer's builds
* Appv...
11:03 Refactoring #2434 (Rejected): Update file header everywhere
* Remove @file and @brief tags
* Update to the year 2020
11:00 Feature #2433 (Backlog): Parameterization: investigate multi-threaded performance in the case of ...

See discussion at
10:54 Refactoring #2432 (Resolved): Run code beautifier on the whole codebase.
The task is to beautify code once in a single commit and then leave it forever.
* Define clang-format config and a...
10:49 Documentation #2431 (Resolved): Website: switch to latest Hugo in website travis based generation.
Starting from Hugo version v0.50 (appr.) the generation of a web site is broken.
Particularly, the Python snippets a...
10:46 Feature #2430 (Sprint): Try switch bindings to swig v4.0.1
10:46 Feature #2430 (Resolved): Try switch bindings to swig v4.0.1
Swig 3.0.12 produces the code which generates lots of warnings under modern compilers.
Since one of the ...
10:36 Documentation #2429 (Backlog): Website: add Hugo option to mark tutorials with "Available in Rele...
10:27 Feature #2428 (Resolved): Add Nevot-Croce roughness model
10:07 Feature #2397 (Backlog): Example to create: for superlattice

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