From 07 Jul 2020 to 05 Aug 2020

05 Aug 2020

17:25 Bug #2416: Polarized: Fix treatment of imperfect analyzers
After reading and thinking about this, i think that the operator described in the internal report (Polarized Specular... rbeerwerth

23 Jul 2020

10:03 Refactoring #2475: Parameterization: BaseMaterialImpl: typeID
Why should this existing mechanism not be used?
It uses the modern @enum class@ es, hence there should be no unexpec...

14 Jul 2020

16:45 Refactoring #2476 (Backlog): Fit: catalogize algorithms, not minimizers
Instead of a hierarchical catalog (minimizer.algorithm), catalogize algorithms only.
* The user should...

12 Jul 2020

23:07 Refactoring #2472 (Resolved): Disambiguate INamed: class name or object name
Resolved in wuttke

11 Jul 2020

08:58 Refactoring #2475 (Rejected): Parameterization: BaseMaterialImpl: typeID
replace it by some object-oriented mechanism wuttke

07 Jul 2020

08:57 Configuration #2465 (Resolved): CMake: more standard find modules for fftw3 and tiff
Done in wuttke
08:55 Refactoring #2466 (Resolved): Use full paths in #include directives
Done in wuttke
08:54 Refactoring #2473 (Resolved): Put all tests under CTest control
Done in commit 64f203, PR wuttke

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