From 21 Aug 2020 to 19 Sep 2020

19 Sep 2020

10:32 Feature #1612 (Backlog): Core: beam propagation: add forward scattering amplitudes to specular am...
10:29 Documentation #2003 (Resolved): Website: integrate doxygen generated API to Hugo links to doxy pages. Good enough for now. wuttke
10:24 Documentation #2004 (Rejected): Website: style doxygen generated API to the new website
Would be nice, but default doxygen style is good enough. Too many more urgent things to do. wuttke
10:06 Feature #1805 (Long Term Idea): Code dependencies: investigate usage of Python packages from C++ ...
10:04 Feature #2114: Code dependencies: get rid of boost::iostreams wuttke
09:11 Refactoring #2462: Polarized: Split beam propagation calculations into a computation and measurem...
Is this still on our agenda? Or has it been superseeded by recent developments? wuttke

18 Sep 2020

23:41 Feature #1873 (Rejected): Consider incoherent scattering
Reopen when required by specific user needs. wuttke
23:41 Testing #2121 (Rejected): Consider using mutation testing
moved to wuttke
23:34 Documentation #840 (Rejected): Website: provide movie with GUI tutorial
Come back to this when Core is mature and GUI is stable. wuttke
23:33 Documentation #840 (Backlog): Website: provide movie with GUI tutorial
23:28 Configuration #1640 (Rejected): Doxygen generation on apps server not compatible anymore with lin...
Doxygen configuration and website have changed since. wuttke
23:27 Feature #2145 (Rejected): Enable different axis units for plots in FitObserver
More specific description needed wuttke
23:24 Refactoring #2457 (Backlog): Code organisation: facilitate sample model API changes
23:17 Feature #1619 (Rejected): Implement support of comma separated ASCII data in IntensityDataIOFacto...
Reopen if latest loader is not powerful enough wuttke
23:16 Feature #2164: Core: import: support edf format for scattering data
Use cases? Instruments writing EDF? wuttke
22:58 Refactoring #1693 (Rejected): Parameterization: Make consequential use of default values in initi...
No need for a separate task; will be refactored as we go along. wuttke
22:57 Feature #2126 (Rejected): Make default fit observer for specular simulations work with several da...
Awaiting more specific tasks in order to enable simulteous fitting of multiple data. wuttke
22:52 Bug #2354 (Backlog): Core math: Nontrivial scattering pattern at zero contrast
22:50 Bug #2152 (Resolved): Project build fail if OpenGL is not accessible
Resolved since long wuttke
22:49 Feature #2339 (Rejected): Fit: when interrupted, keep best fit
Duplicate of wuttke
18:52 Feature #2339 (Backlog): Fit: when interrupted, keep best fit
22:48 Feature #1988: Fit: Propagate best fit parameter values to parameter tree and fit parameter list
Duplicate:, now merged in. wuttke
22:43 Feature #1817: GUI: provide an easy way of importing instrument definitions and real data into th...
Agrees well with the ESS request for an "experimental data centered" GUI wuttke
22:41 Feature #2117 (Rejected): Provide buildbot configuration to test "make install" in user directory
Buildbot is gone. wuttke
22:40 Configuration #2460 (Rejected): Repository: split into Fit, Core, GUI?
First split off MuMuFit. Come back to Core vs GUI later. wuttke
22:39 Feature #2046 (Rejected): Provide defense against running Python script with wrong version of Pyt...
Problem will slowly disappear with phasing out of Python2 wuttke
21:52 Refactoring #1766 (Backlog): Core: FF: Replace all form factors in sample creation by shapes
20:37 Bug #2272 (Rejected): Reports from the school: coefficients are not scalar bug.
Work on polarized beam propagation in presence of roughness and magnetization has progressed since. It will need thor... wuttke
20:30 Envelope task #2314 (Archived): Requirements from ESS instrument scientists for reflectometry in ...
Moved to wuttke
20:22 Refactoring #1547 (Resolved): restore ScanningMinimizer
Gone since long. wuttke
20:22 Refactoring #1547 (Sprint): restore ScanningMinimizer
20:21 Refactoring #1541 (Rejected): review areAlmostEqual and get_relative_difference
Both are gone. wuttke
20:20 Documentation #1102 (Sprint): Core: instrument simulation: review normalization, especially in vi...
17:15 Documentation #1102: Core: instrument simulation: review normalization, especially in view of fin...
Found this issue, which corresponds exactly to the task you took over this morning.
Other keywords: Footprint, ill...
20:19 Refactoring #2471 (Backlog): Core: FF: Revise particle rotation axis (at bottom vs through center)
20:18 Feature #1877 (Rejected): Revise Utils, Helper, Assistant and Functions usage in file names
moved to wuttke
20:13 Bug #2212 (Rejected): Saving 1d data in tiff format causes BornAgain to crash.
Cannot reproduce. wuttke
20:11 Refactoring #2405 (Rejected): Simplify IterationStrategy and related classes
Will reemerge naturally when we hit one of those classes wuttke
20:03 Refactoring #2410: Core: beam propagation: Speeding up computations on samples with a large numbe...
Randolf: May be you should reinvestigate this in connection with your current work on beam propagation. wuttke
19:53 Feature #2065 (Rejected): Enable roi for off-specular instrument
Not clear whether this refers to scripting or GUI. Example needed. wuttke
19:51 Feature #2467 (Backlog): PythonAPI: improve use of keyword arguments; also improve documention
19:50 Feature #2468 (Backlog): Units: improve options in PythonAPI
19:47 Feature #2469 (Backlog): PythonAPI: make 'result' more pythonic
19:46 Refactoring #2475 (Rejected): Parameterization: BaseMaterialImpl: typeID
Closing for now. Question may need to be reconsidered in the general context of parameter handling. wuttke
19:40 Refactoring #1685 (Backlog): PythonAPI: Only expose classes/functions that users might need
19:40 Refactoring #2390 (Backlog): Core: Intensity/ArrayUtils.h: CreateDataImpl: Revise and document
19:37 Feature #1704 (Backlog): Fit: Revise chi squared module
19:29 Bug #2356 (Backlog): Parameterization: Undefined state in Instrument > Polarization analysis > An...
19:28 Testing #2345 (Rejected): Unit test for loading Reflectometry ASCII data
Too late now. Test will be provided when need arises. wuttke
19:25 Configuration #1718 (Backlog): Installer: Windows: Provide alternative installer with debug symbols
19:24 Feature #2464 (Backlog): Artwork (GUI+Doc): provide CantellatedCube (blue 3d view and grey 2d cuts)
19:19 Feature #2254 (Backlog): Units: Proposal about uniform units of measurement
19:17 Feature #2271 (Rejected): Provide units Angstroms in import 1D data widget
merged into wuttke
19:16 Feature #2359 (Rejected): Plot x-axis units in Angstroms for Reflectometry
merged into wuttke
19:13 Feature #2357 (Backlog): Units: reflectometry units should be angstroms.

19:11 Refactoring #2391 (Backlog): Code organization: Move builder classes out of Core or to dedicated ...
19:09 Configuration #2470 (Backlog): Installer: Windows: link GSL dynamically
19:08 Feature #1927 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: InterferenceFunction2DParaCrystal::interference1D ...
19:07 Feature #1754 (Backlog): Fit: investigate log-likelihood, Poisson statistics
19:06 Feature #1504 (Backlog): GUI: support standard control keys
19:05 Feature #1507 (Backlog): GUI: Sample builder & editor: SHIFT+LeftClick should add to selection
19:05 Feature #1698 (Backlog): GUI: save/load detector mask
* define a data format for a detector mask
* implement save and load functions
19:03 Feature #2320 (Backlog): GUI: project back compatibility: save project should save also the Pytho...
19:01 Feature #2232 (Backlog): GUI: provide units in tooltips
19:01 Refactoring #1893 (Backlog): GUI: provide uniform splitters where possible
19:00 Refactoring #1082 (Sprint): GUI: provide undo/redo functionality
18:59 Feature #1864 (Backlog): GUI: About: provide option to export citation
18:58 Feature #1755 (Backlog): GUI: provide additional command line parameter to open existing projects
18:57 Feature #1773 (Backlog): GUI: implement a ruler for ProjectionsEditor
18:57 Feature #1771 (Resolved): GUI: create FitProjectionsWidget to compare projections of real .vs. si...
seems to be implemented in GUI/coregui/Views/JobWidgets/ProjectionsWidget wuttke
18:56 Feature #1129 (Rejected): GUI: "Sample" tab is not synchronised with "Jobs" tab
reverting to state from years ago is no longer an option wuttke
18:54 Feature #2367 (Backlog): GUI: Sample builder: "Layers" section incorrectly suggests choice betwee...
11:27 Feature #2367: GUI: Sample builder: "Layers" section incorrectly suggests choice between "MultiLa...
See also ba-intern/todo/
18:53 Feature #1506 (Backlog): GUI Sample Tree View: cut / paste or move to be added to right-click pop...
18:52 Feature #2340 (Backlog): Fit: facilitate switch between minimizers (problem with constraints)
18:51 Refactoring #2476 (Backlog): Fit: catalogize algorithms, not minimizers
18:49 Bug #1781 (Backlog): Installer: Linux: Fix to correctly drop from path previous ...
18:48 Feature #2394 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: finite-lattice shape must not be defined in multip...
18:44 Feature #2425 (Backlog): Core: add function interpolator, to get steep minima in x-y plots right
18:43 Documentation #1752 (Archived): Create tutorial about multiple particle layouts.
Moved to
Though I disagree that t...
18:40 Feature #1214 (Backlog): 3DView: visualize rough interfaces
18:38 Refactoring #2011 (Backlog): PythonAPI: improve access to the simulation results
18:37 Refactoring #1578 (Backlog): Core: FF: reimplement ripples as Cartesian product Profile * Decay
18:37 Documentation #2185: Installer: MacOS: Explain pecularities of matplotlib usage
Really a documentation issue? No way to handle this through CMake? wuttke
18:35 Refactoring #1089 (Rejected): Refactor interface of evaluate(pol) of Form Factors
Will reemerge naturally when helpful. wuttke
18:31 Feature #2350 (Backlog): GUI: Material editor: Start without scroll bars, and automatically cente...
18:26 Documentation #2077 (Rejected): Update ParticleDistribution tutorial
Unclear. What contents is out of date? wuttke
18:23 Configuration #2284 (Backlog): Installer: Windows: python error when trying to plot.
18:20 Bug #1416 (Backlog): Core: FF: form factors with numeric integration fail for small and for large q
Good student task. wuttke
18:18 Documentation #1999 (Resolved): Cleanup redmine wiki
Deleting this one as part of the proposed cleanup. wuttke
17:36 Feature #1103 (Rejected): extend simulation to transmission geometry (detector images with z<0)
Not a task in itself. The difficulty is rather to get transmitted intensities right. wuttke
17:35 Feature #1612 (Sprint): Core: beam propagation: add forward scattering amplitudes to specular amp...
17:23 Documentation #330 (In Progress): Core: beam propagation: take care of kz=0 case appropriately
Not primarily a documentation problem.
The case kz=0 is unphysical because there is always some absorption - excep...
17:20 Documentation #1141: Manual: describe multi layers
See also wuttke
17:19 Documentation #1141: Manual: describe multi layers
It's not just a documentation problem. If users have recurrent difficulties, then this hints at counterintuitive choi... wuttke
17:17 Documentation #1710 (Rejected): Manual: explain particle density
Will reemerge naturally when we review the entire embedded-particles chapter wuttke
17:12 Documentation #983 (In Progress): Physics manual: add chapter on beam propagation in stratified s...
17:11 Feature #300 (Rejected): Investigate alternatives to Monte-Carlo computation of non-analytic form...
17:09 Documentation #387 (Rejected): Provide correct calculation of detected intensity for polarization
Will be done along with other tasks wuttke
17:00 Feature #1666 (Backlog): PythonAPI: Constructor of Histogram2D should accept also numpy arrays wi...
16:58 Support #1199 (Rejected): Consider implementation of partial structure factor
Too unspecific for us to take action wuttke
16:57 Refactoring #1060 (Backlog): Core: refactor SSCA according to manual
16:55 Documentation #991 (Rejected): Revise and reintegrate chapter on particle distributions
Will arise naturally when working through documentation wuttke
16:53 Feature #319 (Rejected): Core: Provide lamellar form factor for soft matter
Wait for user request wuttke
16:49 Feature #1716 (Rejected): Core: GISASSimulation::setBeamParameter: default value 0 for third para...
Current tendency is opposite: reduce reliance on default parameters wuttke
16:47 Refactoring #1549: rename class FitSuite
name will be MuMuFit, by the way wuttke
16:44 Refactoring #1567: Core: FF: API: omit »FormFactor« from particle geometry class names
moved to ba-intern/todo/ wuttke
16:39 Feature #1715 (Backlog): Core API: start sample construction with SlabSample() or FilmSample()
To be reconsidered in view of forthcoming SANS applications. wuttke
16:32 Feature #2299 (Backlog): Core: FF: Investigate form factor of a cylinder sector
16:18 Bug #2332 (Waiting): GUI: artifacts in real data during work
additional input requested from Uliana wuttke
16:05 Feature #2360 (Long Term Idea): 3DView: Provide button to save video
16:03 Documentation #2144 (Rejected): Add information on website for graded layer approximation
Will come up naturally when working on the documentation wuttke
15:59 Bug #2375 (Rejected): fit along slices example fails to converge
Not enough information to reproduce bug wuttke
15:57 Bug #2348 (Backlog): Example: In python examples, enforce color coding of our choice
15:56 Documentation #2393 (Backlog): Core: inter-particle: improve example: Hexagonal lattices with bas...
15:55 Documentation #2349 (Backlog): Core: instrument: improve example: Beam divergence: use sample wit...
15:51 Feature #2341 (Backlog): GUI: personal material library
15:50 Bug #2364 (Backlog): GUI: feedback on running background job is out of field of vision
15:49 Feature #2366 (Backlog): GUI: move Import1D/2D buttons to "File" menu
15:49 Feature #2353 (Backlog): GUI: Add "View" to mainwindow menu bar, and replace right-click menu wit...
15:48 Bug #2362 (Rejected): GUI: can neither quit, nor cancel an endless job
Not enough information to reproduce bug wuttke
15:45 Bug #2363 (Backlog): Units: GUI overrides user choice - specifically, the detector coordinate unit
15:29 Feature #2368 (Backlog): GUI: Simulation tab: decouple setup editor from action buttons
15:28 Bug #2402 (Sprint): Core math: Crash on reflectometry "link instrument" for negative values of Q ...
15:26 Feature #2407 (Backlog): GUI: Add q-space coordinates for Off-Specular simulations results
15:26 Feature #2411 (Backlog): GUI: Fitting Activity View - a couple of improvements
14:44 Bug #1901 (Resolved): warnings from Gtk
Cannot confirm wuttke
14:43 Bug #2251 (Backlog): GUI: plots: The ordinate (y) scale of graph "Iteration" incorrect display.
14:43 Bug #2253 (Backlog): GUI: The "Fit parameters" window is incorrectly displayed
13:59 Bug #2255 (Sprint): Parameterization: incompatible fit parameters handled badly,cause program cra...
13:53 Feature #1750 (Rejected): Consider cleanup of Git repository to make it smaller in size
Only light advantages expected. Would not outweigh effort, risk and disadvantages. wuttke
11:55 Feature #2355 (Rejected): nomenclature: "rectangular" -> "flat detector"
moved to ba-intern/todo/ wuttke
11:46 Configuration #2216 (Resolved): Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
Trivial. Resolved in 5c2a81f53, wuttke
11:45 Configuration #2216 (Sprint): Remove stgz extension in BornAgainCPack.cmake
11:36 Refactoring #1569 (Backlog): Core: FF: API: rename hard particle form factors
11:34 Refactoring #1569: Core: FF: API: rename hard particle form factors
For other renaming proposals, see ba-intern/todo/ wuttke
11:32 Refactoring #2369 (Rejected): rename ThirdParty/Fit/RootMinimizers
moved to ba-intern/todo/
11:32 Feature #2351 (Rejected): nomenclature: find better term than "interference" for lattices or corr...
moved to ba-intern/todo/ wuttke
11:22 Refactoring #2386 (Rejected): why not "ISimulation" instead of "Simulation"?
moved to ba-intern/todo/
11:19 Refactoring #2387 (Rejected): Rename "OffSpecularConverter"
moved to ba-intern/todo/ wuttke
11:09 Refactoring #2474 (Resolved): simplify the functional test machinery
Essentially done in PR #1022 (939a04) wuttke

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