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2474RefactoringResolvedNormalsimplify the functional test machinerywuttke

02 Jul 2020 16:15wuttke
2473RefactoringResolvedNormalPut all tests under CTest controlwuttke

02 Jul 2020 07:18wuttke
2472RefactoringResolvedNormalDisambiguate INamed: class name or object namewuttke

02 Jul 2020 06:54wuttke
2471RefactoringBacklogHighCore: FF: Revise particle rotation axis (at bottom vs through center)wuttke

01 Jul 2020 19:09wuttke
2466RefactoringResolvedNormalUse full paths in #include directiveswuttkev1.18

23 Jun 2020 15:55wuttke
2465ConfigurationResolvedNormalCMake: more standard find modules for fftw3 and tiffwuttkev1.18

22 Jun 2020 13:40wuttke
2459DocumentationResolvedNormalUpdate and reorganize Doxyfileswuttkev1.18

21 May 2020 13:46wuttke
2457RefactoringBacklogHighCode organisation: facilitate sample model API changeswuttkev.1.19

18 May 2020 14:38wuttke
2456RefactoringResolvedNormalsimplify integratorswuttkeSprint 43

18 May 2020 14:21wuttke
2455RefactoringResolvedNormalcorrect and document Ripple form factorswuttkeSprint 43

18 May 2020 14:15wuttke
2454RefactoringResolvedNormalprint q vector if numeric form factor test failswuttkeSprint 43

18 May 2020 14:13wuttke
2437DocumentationResolvedNormalWebsite: provide citing and news item for BornAgain publicationwuttkeSprint 43

06 Apr 2020 11:51pospelov
2425FeatureBacklogNormalCore: add function interpolator, to get steep minima in x-y plots rightwuttke

29 Nov 2019 11:18wuttke
2392DocumentationResolvedNormalProvide Doxygen class comments for recently added classeswuttke

31 Jul 2019 14:09wuttke
2385DocumentationResolvedNormalDoxygen > User API > group Simulation: too crowded, break into subgroupswuttke

31 Jul 2019 10:27wuttke
2163ConfigurationResolvedNormalmove prepackaged Windows libraries from redmine/attachments to src/WinLibswuttke

20 Sep 2018 11:27wuttke
2152BugResolvedLowProject build fail if OpenGL is not accessiblewuttke

17 Sep 2018 12:11dmitry
2034BugRejectedHighFormfactor Icosahedron crosses interface boundarywuttke

13 Apr 2018 08:55ganeva
1990RefactoringSprintNormalCode organisation: Remove duplicate type definitions in BornAgainNamespace.h and item_constants.hwuttke

28 Feb 2018 14:08herck
1766RefactoringBacklogNormalCore: FF: Replace all form factors in sample creation by shapeswuttke

16 Feb 2017 13:58herck
1735RefactoringResolvedNormalremove include guards from unit testswuttke

12 Dec 2016 09:43wuttke
1734BugResolvedHighInvestigate numerical stability of multilayer RT computationwuttke

12 Dec 2016 09:12wuttke
1732RefactoringRejectedNormalOptimization in innermost loop in RT computationwuttke

12 Dec 2016 08:48wuttke
1706FeatureResolvedNormalProfile simulation with multilayers containing large amount of layerswuttke

01 Dec 2016 16:43ganeva
1673RefactoringResolvedNormalDesign proposal for all subtasks under #1645wuttke

24 Nov 2016 11:40wuttke
1660RefactoringResolvedNormalremove global functionswuttkeSprint 33

22 Nov 2016 10:33wuttke
1652RefactoringResolvedNormalSort namespaces, and provide Doxygen commentswuttkeSprint 33

20 Nov 2016 10:41wuttke
1651RefactoringResolvedNormalremove last occurences of "using namespace BornAgain"wuttke

20 Nov 2016 10:40wuttke
1614SupportRejectedNormalRequest to put references in manual's DWBA theorywuttke

11 Oct 2016 08:59pospelov
1603BugArchivedNormalGUI: Cancel job is not working anymore after the refactoring of ProgressHandler, GUI real-time performance is heavily affected toowuttkeSprint32

05 Sep 2016 17:56pospelov
1601FeatureResolvedNormalUnit test executable is removed by cmake if test failswuttke

02 Sep 2016 18:08pospelov
1600BugArchivedNormalPyPersistenceTest throws an exception from regexwuttkeSprint32

02 Sep 2016 17:54pospelov
1584RefactoringResolvedLowreplace deprecated "exec_program"wuttke

09 Aug 2016 14:38wuttke
1583BugArchivedImmediatePyPersist tests fail if build directory path contains a '.'wuttkeSprint32

09 Aug 2016 10:59wuttke
1577ConfigurationArchivedHighQt qcreator navigation/recognition is broken for all unit testswuttkeSprint32

08 Aug 2016 12:18pospelov
1576BugArchivedHighbornagain/ must not require matplotlibwuttkeSprint32

05 Aug 2016 19:53wuttke
1573FeatureArchivedHighfacilitate plotting from Python scripts exported by PyCore tests.wuttkeSprint32

03 Aug 2016 19:15wuttke
1571BugArchivedUrgentPyCoreTest overlooks complete obstruction of simulationwuttkeSprint32

03 Aug 2016 18:49wuttke
1568FeatureBacklogLowCore: FF: Implement TruncatedEllipsoid to replace HemiEllipsoidwuttke

03 Aug 2016 13:25wuttke
1565RefactoringArchivedNormalto associate units with parameters, use string instead of inheritancewuttkeSprint32

03 Aug 2016 09:39wuttke
1564FeatureArchivedNormalsplit "Pi.h" from Units.hwuttkeSprint32

03 Aug 2016 09:28wuttke
1560FeatureArchivedNormalProvide simulation running from Python with text version of progress barwuttkeSprint32

03 Aug 2016 08:21pospelov
1555RefactoringResolvedNormalinvert dependence of FitKernel on FitParameterLinkedwuttke

01 Aug 2016 18:04wuttke
1550RefactoringArchivedNormalin .h file header comments, replace »Declares« by »Defines«wuttkeSprint32

01 Aug 2016 11:28wuttke
1546RefactoringArchivedHighdisambiguate getRadius()wuttkeSprint32

01 Aug 2016 10:45wuttke
1543FeatureArchivedNormaldecouple FitKernel from FitSuitewuttkeSprint32

28 Jul 2016 15:59wuttke
1542RefactoringArchivedLowMake ParameterPool and RealParameter independent of IParameterizedwuttkeSprint32

28 Jul 2016 10:37wuttke
1527RefactoringArchivedNormalsimplify containsMagneticMaterial, printSampleTree, genPyScriptwuttkeSprint32

22 Jul 2016 09:44wuttke
1526RefactoringArchivedNormalreplace "FunctionalTest" by more specific terms in several test machinery classeswuttkeSprint32

21 Jul 2016 16:07wuttke
1524RefactoringArchivedNormal"FitSuite" currently used in two different meaningswuttkeSprint32

21 Jul 2016 11:22wuttke
1513FeatureArchivedNormalProvide more informational throw message from RealParameterWrapper.wuttkeSprint32

14 Jul 2016 15:20pospelov
1477RefactoringArchivedNormalProvide more detailed info on Exception thrown from Polyhedron based form factorswuttkeSprint32

23 Jun 2016 00:24pospelov
1475FeatureArchivedNormalDOI for BornAgainwuttkeSprint32

20 Jun 2016 17:17ganeva
1471RefactoringResolvedNormalRevise user example demonstrating BornAgain usage from C++wuttke

17 Jun 2016 09:34pospelov
1470BugArchivedNormalRevise all README's in BornAgain source directory.wuttkeSprint 31

17 Jun 2016 09:14pospelov
1467BugResolvedNormalRemove memory leakages from functional test machinerywuttke

16 Jun 2016 09:11pospelov
1461BugResolvedNormaleliminate g++ warningswuttke

12 Jun 2016 13:52wuttke
1458BugArchivedHighCompilation under Mac OS is brokenwuttkeSprint 31

10 Jun 2016 20:04pospelov
1454RefactoringResolvedNormalExport to Python: generated scripts should not require "from bornagain import *"wuttke

07 Jun 2016 14:32wuttke
1452BugResolvedNormalPySuite tests fail when executed in parallelwuttke

06 Jun 2016 09:54wuttke
1440RefactoringArchivedHighcover Python examples by functional testswuttkeSprint32

30 May 2016 22:18wuttke
1439BugResolvedNormalput PythonAPI under CMake controlwuttke

30 May 2016 16:21wuttke
1433RefactoringResolvedNormalmove massive numeric tests under 'make check' / 'ctest'wuttke

17 May 2016 13:59wuttke
1431DocumentationResolvedLowsimplify cross-referencing using package cleverefwuttke

17 May 2016 11:42wuttke
1429BugArchivedNormalUnit tests files are not shown in Qt Creator IDEwuttkeSprint 31

11 May 2016 08:48pospelov
1428RefactoringArchivedNormalCompactify code that handles parameters (use abstract mechanism instead of treating each single parameter explicitly)wuttkeSprint32

10 May 2016 14:08wuttke
1424RefactoringArchivedUrgentreduce verbosity of googletest outputwuttkeSprint 31

28 Apr 2016 15:50wuttke
1422RefactoringResolvedNormalprovide clue when test failswuttke

27 Apr 2016 13:37wuttke
1421BugResolvedHighFullSphere F(q)=0 for small qwuttke

26 Apr 2016 12:50wuttke
1420BugResolvedLowSymmetry S2 not usablewuttke

26 Apr 2016 12:48wuttke
1419RefactoringArchivedNormalmove test code out of corewuttkeSprint32

25 Apr 2016 16:06wuttke
1417BugResolvedLownumeric inaccuracies in form factorswuttke

25 Apr 2016 10:51wuttke
1413BugArchivedNormalpolyhedra won't react to ex-post parameter variationwuttkeSprint 31

18 Apr 2016 20:05wuttke
1412DocumentationArchivedLowavoid horizontal scrolling in code exampleswuttkeSprint32

18 Apr 2016 16:57wuttke
1410RefactoringResolvedNormalrename GCCXML_SKIP_THISwuttke

16 Apr 2016 12:05wuttke
1409FeatureArchivedNormalaccelerate Ripple1wuttkeSprint 31

15 Apr 2016 16:57wuttke
1401BugArchivedHighcorrect inaccurate numerics near removable singularity in form factors Tetrahedron and Prism3wuttkeSprint 31

11 Apr 2016 19:00wuttke
1399FeatureResolvedNormalImplement form factors for dodecahedron and icosahedronwuttke

07 Apr 2016 12:06wuttke
1371BugResolvedLowpresence of some boost components not checked by cmakewuttke

09 Mar 2016 10:58wuttke
1359DocumentationResolvedNormalProvide wiki page on .int.gz reference fileswuttke

01 Mar 2016 21:18wuttke
1358BugArchivedNormalfor complex vector3D, functions mag() and mag2() should return a real, not a complex numberwuttkeSprint 31

01 Mar 2016 19:17wuttke
1300RefactoringResolvedNormalmore stable computation of Prism6 formfactorwuttke

02 Feb 2016 19:20wuttke
1294BugArchivedNormalprovide substantial unit tests for factor computationswuttkeSprint 31

02 Feb 2016 14:27wuttke
1293BugResolvedLowbold math symbols broken under Texlive2015wuttke

02 Feb 2016 14:22wuttke
1292BugResolvedNormalBornAgain does not build on mac os x (unittest SpecialFunctionsTest.csinc failure)wuttke

02 Feb 2016 13:47ganeva
1291RefactoringResolvedNormalcore functional test machinery: simplify, or at least explainwuttke

02 Feb 2016 11:47wuttke
1288BugResolvedNormalBornAgain does not compile on mac os x (problem with constexpr ... sqrt)wuttke

02 Feb 2016 10:54ganeva
1280DocumentationArchivedNormaldraw tetrahedron as seen from -xwuttkeSprint 31

20 Jan 2016 16:08wuttke
1262DocumentationArchivedNormalFix IsGISAXS references in form factor sectionwuttkeSprint 31

21 Dec 2015 11:34herck
1217RefactoringArchivedNormalCleanup App directory from all obsolete codewuttkeSprint 31

21 Oct 2015 10:28pospelov
1075FeatureArchivedNormalCone6 form factor -> analyticwuttkeSprint 31

12 May 2015 10:29wuttke
1071RefactoringResolvedLowExample scripts: No global import from Python module bornagainwuttke

09 May 2015 09:49wuttke
991DocumentationRejectedNormalRevise and reintegrate chapter on particle distributionswuttkeSprint32

21 Feb 2015 13:23wuttke
984DocumentationResolvedNormalRestructure chapter 3 and appendices A,Bwuttke

20 Feb 2015 11:44wuttke
983DocumentationIn ProgressHighPhysics manual: add chapter on beam propagation in stratified sampleswuttke

20 Feb 2015 11:24wuttke
980DocumentationResolvedLowReplace section header "Experimental Setup" in form factors overview web pagewuttke

19 Feb 2015 16:26wuttke
978DocumentationArchivedNormalMake index for User ManualwuttkeSprint 26

19 Feb 2015 09:02wuttke
976DocumentationResolvedNormalDerive scalar and polarized wave equation for both X-rays and neutrons, and choose appropriate notation.wuttke

18 Feb 2015 16:26wuttke
975FeatureResolvedLowman page should be built at release timewuttke

18 Feb 2015 15:19wuttke
974BugArchivedNormalrename BORNAGAIN_MANwuttkeSprint 26

18 Feb 2015 14:19wuttke

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