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1741FeatureRejectedLowWavelength/radiatio independent way to define material parameters

19 Dec 2016 20:11a.glavic
1646BugRejectedNormalReversed order numpy arrayjuan

17 Nov 2016 19:59a.glavic
1636BugRejectedHighUnexpected wavelength depent intensity Roughness vs. ParticleLayout

14 Nov 2016 13:40a.glavic
1631FeatureRejectedNormalNo impact of abundance optional argument in ParticleLayout addParticle method for single particle

11 Nov 2016 10:32a.glavic
1629BugRejectedLowGISASSimulatin setAnalyzerProperties total_transmission default parameter generates Exceptionherck

08 Nov 2016 09:06a.glavic
1628DocumentationResolvedLowCan't clone git repositiory

08 Nov 2016 08:49a.glavic
1627BugRejectedNormalpython API kvector_t missing basic operator

08 Nov 2016 08:47a.glavic
1582RefactoringResolvedNormalCorrect model for dense particles on surface

09 Aug 2016 08:53a.glavic
1580BugResolvedHighCore: ParticleComposition with destructive interference (selection rules not met)herckSprint 34

08 Aug 2016 18:01a.glavic
1579FeatureResolvedNormalprovide trapezoid resolution function to describe instruments with neutron velocity selectorherckSprint 35

08 Aug 2016 16:16a.glavic
1069BugArchivedNormalCrash when entering parameter out of range in sample viewpospelovSprint 27

08 May 2015 21:40a.glavic
1068FeatureBacklogNormalGUI: provide SLD profile view

08 May 2015 19:55a.glavic
1067BugArchivedLowKeyboard shortcuts not always workingpospelovSprint 27

08 May 2015 19:43a.glavic
1066BugArchivedHighModel lost after unsuccessful loadpospelovSprint 27

08 May 2015 19:37a.glavic
1037BugArchivedHighDoubling of unit cell in hexagonal lattice yields wrong resultsherckSprint 26

13 Apr 2015 23:47a.glavic
1032FeatureLong Term IdeaLowCore: Rotation of inter-particle structures

07 Apr 2015 23:29a.glavic
1031DocumentationRejectedNormalCoordinate system and transformations

07 Apr 2015 23:26a.glavic
1030FeatureRejectedNormalSLD, specular and particle density

07 Apr 2015 23:20a.glavic
1029FeatureRejectedNormalToF support in OffSpecSimulation

07 Apr 2015 23:12a.glavic
69BugArchivedLowSimulation grid problem when not square shapeherck

02 Aug 2012 14:47a.glavic


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