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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Author Updated
340BugResolvedNormalFix zero eigenvalue case for specular magnetic caseherckSprint 15herck31 Jul 2013 11:46
339BugResolvedHighcrash on addInterferenceFunction() without any error messagepospelovSprint 15Anonymous30 Jul 2013 14:59
338BugResolvedNormalStrange warning in boost::python api generationpospelovSprint 15pospelov30 Jul 2013 14:33
336BugResolvedNormalCompile Error on Ubuntu 12.04pospelovSprint 15Anonymous26 Jul 2013 14:09
334RefactoringResolvedNormalReplace Particle's index of refraction with materialpospelovSprint 15pospelov26 Jul 2013 18:41
332TestingResolvedNormalcmake build in Ubuntu and corresponding how to in the documentationpospelovSprint 15pospelov22 Jul 2013 15:43
331DocumentationResolvedNormalWrite simple fitting example and corresponding section in the documentationcelineSprint 15pospelov26 Aug 2013 10:54
329FeatureResolvedNormalAdd new cmake build configuration to TeamCitypospelovSprint 15pospelov26 Jul 2013 16:00
328FeatureResolvedNormalDevelop roughness calculation for matrix formalismherckSprint 15herck12 Jul 2013 13:20
327FeatureResolvedNormalAdd DWBA for magnetic particlesherckSprint 15herck23 Aug 2013 17:09
326FeatureResolvedNormalUse magnetic calculation when a magnetic material is presentSprint 15herck23 Aug 2013 17:09
325FeatureResolvedNormalDevelop MatrixSpecular for magnetic materialsherckSprint 15herck30 Jul 2013 17:50
324FeatureResolvedNormalAdd magnetic materialsherckSprint 15herck19 Jul 2013 13:46
323FeatureResolvedNormalAdd polarization state to BeamherckSprint 15herck17 Jul 2013 17:25
322FeatureResolvedNormalMove specular calculation to the SpecularMatrix class (for scalar)herckSprint 15herck17 Jul 2013 10:45
317FeatureResolvedNormalRemove Decorator pattern from user interfacepospelovSprint 15herck25 Jul 2013 17:34
316TestingResolvedNormalMove all IsGISAXS geometries to Core/StandardSample directorypospelovSprint 15pospelov09 Jul 2013 10:57
312FeatureResolvedNormalDevelop enough neutron polarization support to simulate samples from S. Disch and A. KlapperherckSprint 15herck23 Aug 2013 17:10
311DocumentationResolvedNormalAdapt local python script for plotting dataherckSprint 15herck08 Jul 2013 09:51
309DocumentationResolvedHighWrite how to install in manual and wikipospelovSprint 15pospelov23 Jul 2013 16:45
307DocumentationResolvedUrgentPopulate examples directory with several well commented python scriptspospelovSprint 15pospelov09 Jul 2013 10:56
301FeatureResolvedHighImplement batch mode for the Simulation (suggestion of Gunthard Benecke)herckSprint 15pospelov22 Jul 2013 17:51
299FeatureResolvedUrgentEase installation for userspospelovSprint 15herck13 Jul 2013 23:42
264FeatureResolvedNormalChange conventions (feedback from GISS Workshop)herckSprint 15herck19 Jul 2013 16:22
249BugResolvedLowFunctionalTests: fitting from python works two times faster than fitting from C++pospelovSprint 15pospelov05 Jul 2013 14:53
225RefactoringRejectedHighProvide import of ProgramOptions (nthreads, level of logging) into libBornAgainCoreSprint 15pospelov26 Aug 2013 10:51
212DocumentationResolvedNormalWrite description of isgisaxs01 example for User Manual using latexcelineSprint 15pospelov26 Aug 2013 10:54
101FeatureResolvedLowMove ROOT minimization into ThirdParty and so get rid from ROOT dependencypospelovSprint 15pospelov28 Apr 2015 18:58


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