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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Author Updated
1630BugArchivedNormalMonte Carlo and multithreading options are not propagated to GUI fittingherckSprint32herck11 Nov 2016 14:48
1621BugArchivedHighBroken parameter name translation for certain names in GUI fitting jobherckSprint32pospelov11 Nov 2016 14:48
1613BugRejectedNormaldetector.setPerpendicularToReflectedBeam moves detector in the case of the beam divergenceherckSprint32ganeva07 Oct 2016 13:23
1603BugArchivedNormalGUI: Cancel job is not working anymore after the refactoring of ProgressHandler, GUI real-time performance is heavily affected toowuttkeSprint32pospelov11 Nov 2016 14:48
1600BugArchivedNormalPyPersistenceTest throws an exception from regexwuttkeSprint32pospelov18 Sep 2020 11:50
1583BugArchivedImmediatePyPersist tests fail if build directory path contains a '.'wuttkeSprint32wuttke11 Nov 2016 14:48
1576BugArchivedHighbornagain/ must not require matplotlibwuttkeSprint32wuttke11 Nov 2016 14:48
1571BugArchivedUrgentPyCoreTest overlooks complete obstruction of simulationwuttkeSprint32wuttke11 Nov 2016 14:48
1559BugRejectedNormalRestore functional testSprint32pospelov03 Aug 2016 09:38
1558BugArchivedNormalMemory leakges in Python on Simulation::getIntensityData callpospelovSprint32pospelov11 Nov 2016 14:48
1520BugArchivedNormalGUI: global progress bar seems to be not updatingSprint32pospelov11 Nov 2016 14:48
1516BugArchivedNormalConsider include of ms-win-runtime library into Windows installerherckSprint32pospelov11 Nov 2016 14:48
1515BugRejectedHighGUI: error in determination of size of imported tiff file causes crash of fittingherckSprint32ganeva06 Oct 2016 12:30
1512BugArchivedHighGUI crashes when simulating for a lognormal distribution of wavelength with scale parameter zeropospelovSprint32herck11 Nov 2016 14:48
1511BugArchivedNormalRoughness simulations give incorrect scattering contribution below the sample horizonherckSprint32herck11 Nov 2016 14:48
1499BugArchivedHighGUI Segmentation fault if layer is too thickherckSprint32ganeva11 Nov 2016 14:48
1498BugArchivedNormalFitting in GUI: values for all fitting parameters are reported as the sameherckSprint32herck11 Nov 2016 14:48


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