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1363FeatureRejectedNormal== Unix build ==

03 Mar 2016 13:56wuttke
1361FeatureRejectedNormal== Win build ==

03 Mar 2016 13:56wuttke
1606Envelope taskArchivedNormal=== Manual and Examples ===

14 Sep 2016 15:49wuttke
1534FeatureRejectedNormal=== Parameter handling ===

25 Jul 2016 19:29wuttke
1403BugResolvedNormalabsence of gsl.h not detected by cmake

12 Apr 2016 08:56wuttke
986DocumentationResolvedNormalAdd (uncomment) short references to form factor pages

20 Feb 2015 11:51wuttke
243BugRejectedNormalApp/App produces tons of warnings

24 Mar 2013 08:53wuttke
1538RefactoringRejectedNormalAttLimits::isInRange(value) returns true for value==m_lower_limit, and false for value==m_upper_limit

27 Jul 2016 15:38wuttke
1456RefactoringRejectedNormalAutomatize update of Py Examples

08 Jun 2016 12:28wuttke
1532RefactoringRejectedNormalclarify relation of PolDWBAMagCylinders2 and StandardSimulations/StandardSimulations.h/cpp to standard Core function tests

22 Jul 2016 16:00wuttke
262RefactoringRejectedNormalclarify semantics of INamed

11 Apr 2013 16:46wuttke
1896BugRejectedNormalcmake does not detect missing libboost-iostreams-dev

19 Nov 2017 13:07wuttke
1402Envelope taskArchivedNormalcmake tasks (OS independent)

12 Apr 2016 08:54wuttke
198DocumentationResolvedNormalContents for doxygen entry pagewuttke

09 Mar 2013 10:51wuttke
1291RefactoringResolvedNormalcore functional test machinery: simplify, or at least explainwuttke

02 Feb 2016 11:47wuttke
1567RefactoringRejectedNormalCore: FF: API: omit »FormFactor« from particle geometry class names

03 Aug 2016 10:56wuttke
1717BugRejectedNormalCore: GISASSimulation: setBeamParameters and setDetectorParameters have opposite order of alpha, phi

02 Dec 2016 14:46wuttke
1716FeatureRejectedNormalCore: GISASSimulation::setBeamParameter: default value 0 for third parameter phi_i

02 Dec 2016 14:41wuttke
395FeatureRejectedNormalCreate rpm package

10 Sep 2013 12:55wuttke
285FeatureRejectedNormaldecide about Python binding

09 May 2013 20:59wuttke
1598RefactoringRejectedNormaldecide on policy for incomplete ICompositeSample descendant constructors

31 Aug 2016 17:08wuttke
976DocumentationResolvedNormalDerive scalar and polarized wave equation for both X-rays and neutrons, and choose appropriate notation.wuttke

18 Feb 2015 16:26wuttke
1673RefactoringResolvedNormalDesign proposal for all subtasks under #1645wuttke

24 Nov 2016 11:40wuttke
2472RefactoringResolvedNormalDisambiguate INamed: class name or object namewuttke

02 Jul 2020 06:54wuttke
1286RefactoringRejectedNormaldon't include each core .h file in each .pypp.cpp file

02 Feb 2016 09:22wuttke
1104DocumentationRejectedNormaldon't use version-dependent URLs in the online docs

17 Jun 2015 09:35wuttke
2385DocumentationResolvedNormalDoxygen > User API > group Simulation: too crowded, break into subgroupswuttke

31 Jul 2019 10:27wuttke
1461BugResolvedNormaleliminate g++ warningswuttke

12 Jun 2016 13:52wuttke
1900FeatureRejectedNormalenable ^X ^C ^V ^Z ^A in GUI

19 Nov 2017 13:28wuttke
1649RefactoringResolvedNormalEnsure consistent use of ambientMaterial

19 Nov 2016 17:28wuttke
985DocumentationRejectedNormalExplain convolution sign (\otimes) in User Manual

20 Feb 2015 11:47wuttke
1454RefactoringResolvedNormalExport to Python: generated scripts should not require "from bornagain import *"wuttke

07 Jun 2016 14:32wuttke
1103FeatureRejectedNormalextend simulation to transmission geometry (detector images with z<0)

12 Jun 2015 17:57wuttke
1557RefactoringRejectedNormalFitParameterLinked causes weird coupling

01 Aug 2016 21:42wuttke
1552BugResolvedNormalFormFactorTrivial should have RadialExtension = 0

01 Aug 2016 14:30wuttke
1699FeatureRejectedNormalfunctional tests: Improve MinimizerCatalogue::toString

01 Dec 2016 14:31wuttke
215DocumentationArchivedNormalgive advise on minimal ROOT compilationwuttke

12 Mar 2013 23:36wuttke
2362BugRejectedNormalGUI: can neither quit, nor cancel an endless job

17 May 2019 13:45wuttke
1695FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: Implement crash handler, and restoration of state before crash

01 Dec 2016 13:44wuttke
1505FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: move windows menu from right-click-popup to topbar "Windows" pulldown

12 Jul 2016 10:09wuttke
1694FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: Provide a way to save fitted image into the file.

01 Dec 2016 13:37wuttke
1703FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: provide convenient way to set min,max for relative difference map.

01 Dec 2016 14:37wuttke
1503FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: provide intuitive way to insert layer into multilayer

12 Jul 2016 09:26wuttke
1898BugResolvedNormalGUI: »New to BornAgain?« -> »Web docs«

19 Nov 2017 13:21wuttke
1596RefactoringRejectedNormalhandle variable instance names differently from fixed class names (=> split INamed)

31 Aug 2016 12:16wuttke
1700RefactoringRejectedNormalImplement FitSuite::printParameters (or ::parametersToString.)

01 Dec 2016 14:32wuttke
1399FeatureResolvedNormalImplement form factors for dodecahedron and icosahedronwuttke

07 Apr 2016 12:06wuttke
1533FeatureRejectedNormalimplement missing Python export for MesoCrystal

23 Jul 2016 15:44wuttke
1701FeatureRejectedNormalimport real-space sample configuration, e.g. from molecular dynamics (morphology file of IsGISAXS)

01 Dec 2016 14:34wuttke
1279DocumentationArchivedNormalInkscape tasks

20 Jan 2016 16:07wuttke
201DocumentationArchivedNormalinsert pub/ into directory structure

09 Mar 2013 11:26wuttke
287FeatureRejectedNormalIntensityData campaign

09 May 2013 23:11wuttke
1555RefactoringResolvedNormalinvert dependence of FitKernel on FitParameterLinkedwuttke

01 Aug 2016 18:04wuttke
1713RefactoringRejectedNormallight refactoring proposals

02 Dec 2016 13:37wuttke
1710DocumentationRejectedNormalManual: explain particle density

01 Dec 2016 17:41wuttke
235DocumentationArchivedNormalMetrics for compile time and execution time

21 Mar 2013 11:45wuttke
1300RefactoringResolvedNormalmore stable computation of Prism6 formfactorwuttke

02 Feb 2016 19:20wuttke
1433RefactoringResolvedNormalmove massive numeric tests under 'make check' / 'ctest'wuttke

17 May 2016 13:59wuttke
2163ConfigurationResolvedNormalmove prepackaged Windows libraries from redmine/attachments to src/WinLibswuttke

20 Sep 2018 11:27wuttke
2351FeatureRejectedNormalnomenclature: find better term than "interference" for lattices or correlation functions

13 May 2019 12:16wuttke
1597RefactoringRejectedNormalOne Simulation should be concerned with no more than one sample

31 Aug 2016 12:18wuttke
1732RefactoringRejectedNormalOptimization in innermost loop in RT computationwuttke

12 Dec 2016 08:48wuttke
2475RefactoringRejectedNormalParameterization: BaseMaterialImpl: typeID

11 Jul 2020 08:58wuttke
1364BugRejectedNormalProblems with infinite form factors

03 Mar 2016 15:28wuttke
1599FeatureRejectedNormalprovide another suite of functional tests: simulate on different grids, and test numeric consistence of results

31 Aug 2016 17:35wuttke
1422RefactoringResolvedNormalprovide clue when test failswuttke

27 Apr 2016 13:37wuttke
1418RefactoringResolvedNormalprovide cotangent, and replace division by tan(alpha) in pyramids

25 Apr 2016 15:02wuttke
2392DocumentationResolvedNormalProvide Doxygen class comments for recently added classeswuttke

31 Jul 2019 14:09wuttke
1899FeatureRejectedNormalProvide exemplary experimental data, and make them accessible from the GUI.

19 Nov 2017 13:26wuttke
2352FeatureRejectedNormalProvide means to save real-space view as image (or animation?)

13 May 2019 12:55wuttke
487DocumentationRejectedNormalProvide screenshots for project homepage

07 Nov 2013 16:32wuttke
1554FeatureRejectedNormalprovide script to update Python files upon name changes in BornAgain

01 Aug 2016 15:34wuttke
1359DocumentationResolvedNormalProvide wiki page on .int.gz reference fileswuttke

01 Mar 2016 21:18wuttke
2473RefactoringResolvedNormalPut all tests under CTest controlwuttke

02 Jul 2020 07:18wuttke
1439BugResolvedNormalput PythonAPI under CMake controlwuttke

30 May 2016 16:21wuttke
1452BugResolvedNormalPySuite tests fail when executed in parallelwuttke

06 Jun 2016 09:54wuttke
1707RefactoringResolvedNormalrefactor LayerStrategyBuilder, DecoratedLayerComputation -> LayoutStrategyBuilder, DecoratedLayoutComputation

01 Dec 2016 16:48wuttke
988DocumentationResolvedNormalReformat landscape-oriented table

20 Feb 2015 12:21wuttke
1414DocumentationRejectedNormalregenerate form factor images in manual

19 Apr 2016 11:34wuttke
1331RefactoringResolvedNormalregenerate Python bindings after moving declaration of cvector_t, kvector_t out of Types.h.

10 Feb 2016 20:12wuttke
1437DocumentationRejectedNormalRelease requirement: Update example scripts

30 May 2016 13:33wuttke
1735RefactoringResolvedNormalremove include guards from unit testswuttke

12 Dec 2016 09:43wuttke
1651RefactoringResolvedNormalremove last occurences of "using namespace BornAgain"wuttke

20 Nov 2016 10:40wuttke
2387RefactoringRejectedNormalRename "OffSpecularConverter"

31 Jul 2019 10:35wuttke
1551RefactoringResolvedNormalrename directory RootWrapper/ and files therein

01 Aug 2016 11:33wuttke
1738FeatureRejectedNormalRename files and classes in Multilayer to resolve ambiguity about "Matrix"

12 Dec 2016 16:40wuttke
1410RefactoringResolvedNormalrename GCCXML_SKIP_THISwuttke

16 Apr 2016 12:05wuttke
2369RefactoringRejectedNormalrename ThirdParty/Fit/RootMinimizers

19 May 2019 18:51wuttke
240RefactoringRejectedNormalRenaming campaign

23 Mar 2013 13:10wuttke
1510FeatureRejectedNormalreplace "Houston, we have a problem"

12 Jul 2016 14:34wuttke
1332RefactoringRejectedNormalreplace Boost.Atomic by C++11 <atomic>

11 Feb 2016 10:23wuttke
1570RefactoringRejectedNormalreplace parameter accessor methods getFoo() by getParameterValue("Foo")

03 Aug 2016 15:01wuttke
984DocumentationResolvedNormalRestructure chapter 3 and appendices A,Bwuttke

20 Feb 2015 11:44wuttke
1535RefactoringRejectedNormalrm intermediate directory 'coregui'

26 Jul 2016 07:52wuttke
1721FeatureRejectedNormalScattered intensity should depend on beam size and sample size

05 Dec 2016 09:30wuttke
224DocumentationResolvedNormalshut down overnight Doxygen update

20 Mar 2013 08:15wuttke
233RefactoringResolvedNormalSimplify Geometry classeswuttke

21 Mar 2013 11:22wuttke
2474RefactoringResolvedNormalsimplify the functional test machinerywuttke

02 Jul 2020 16:15wuttke
1770FeatureRejectedNormalsupport CBF data from A. Nent

21 Feb 2017 12:23wuttke
1357RefactoringResolvedNormalto discuss: authorship and file headers

29 Feb 2016 09:58wuttke

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